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How To Choose A Thermal Insulation Company For Your Conservatory

Thermal Insulation Company

Have you found your conservatory isn’t warm enough in Winter, or cool enough in Summer? Do you find that you can’t use the space during certain months of the year?

Maybe you have been looking at conservatory insulation within your budget, but aren’t quite sure what a thermal insulation company can provide.

You may be wondering how choosing the right company can save you time and money in the long run. Let’s find out!

Conservatory Roof Insulation: The Key To Comfort

Whether you already own a conservatory, or you are thinking of building one to add additional space to your home, you will find that using a thermal insulation company is massively beneficial.

Especially when using Home Logic Conservatory Roof Insulation, which will ensure you can enjoy your additional space three-hundred and sixty-five days a year!

Reasons to Add a Conservatory to Your Home

Before making any major decisions, you may want to know the benefits to adding a conservatory to your home. These include:

  • Add much needed additional living space for the growing family without an expensive layout.
  • Increase the value of your home with a beautiful conservatory that provides an excellent indoor / outdoor flow.
  • Enjoy complete versatility, using the space as you need.
  • Enjoy an abundance of natural light.
  • Perfect for dinner parties and get-togethers

Thermal Insulation Company

Our Home Logic conservatory insulation product is a multi foil insulation system, comprising of layers of aluminium, wadding, foam and air pockets. This provides a total vapour controlled blanket that you will not be disappointed with!

How A Thermal Insulation Company Can Assist You

At Home Logic we understand how you may be struggling to enjoy your conservatory space throughout the year. During the summer months the sun beats down into the conservatory and without adequate cooling, you will find the space too warm to enjoy.

You may also find the space to be far too cold in Winter, as snow and sleet is blown across the glass roof and sides. The solution is an effective conservatory insulation system. This will ensure you make the most of your space all year round, reducing your reliance on additional systems to heat it.

Conservatory Insulation: What Does It Offer?

Conservatory Insulation Benefit No.1: Enables Year-Round Use

That’s right. When investing in conservatory insulation, you will find that you can use your space throughout the year, enjoying a comfortable room to relax in throughout the seasons. 

The insulation is an effective blanket which can prevent up to ninety-one percent of heat loss, saving you valuable time, energyand money in the long run.

Thermal Insulation Company

When you are in a room made mostly of glass, outside noise can become loud and unbearable, especially if you are using your conservatory as your living space. With effective insulation, you can enjoy a reduction in noise, creating a peaceful and relaxing space inside

Conservatory Insulation Benefit No.2: Cheaper Than a New Conservatory

Using a thermal insulation company can reduce your energy consumption dramatically and will be a much cheaper option than replacing your conservatory roof.

Our speciality is insulation, so you are guaranteed a comfortable living space, whether you want to use the conservatory as your living room, library or games room!

Saving money on heating bills and a brand new roof may mean you’re able to afford that holiday you’ve been yearning for too!

Conservatory Insulation Benefit No.3: Reduced Noise

As a leading thermal insulation company, we can assure you that conservatory insulation will also help you with noise reduction.

When you are in a room made mostly of glass, outside noise can become loud and unbearable, especially if you are using your conservatory as your living space. With effective insulation, you can enjoy a reduction in noise, creating a peaceful and relaxing space inside.


With Home Logic Conservatory Insulation, your condensation will be dramatically reduced, making the space much more comfortable, whilst simultaneously reducing any risk of health issues caused by mould

Conservatory Insulation Benefit No.4: Curbs Condensation

You will also find that our multi foil insulation will provide you with reduced condensation. During the Winter months when you have your heating on indoors, and it’s freezing cold outside, you will notice condensation forming on your windows.

This can result in unwelcome mould, which in turn can result in numerous unwanted health problems.

Conservatory Insulation: Planning Permission Not Required

Unlike other home improvement projects, the installation of conservatory insulation doesn’t require planning permission, making it a cost-effective addition to your home, that you can enjoy for many years to come.

As your family grows, or as you retire, you should relax and be able to enjoy your conservatory as a place to indulge your hobby, or simply as a room to relax in.

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