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Driveways & Resin Surfacing

How To Create A Driveway Of Distinction: Top Tips And Tricks

How To Create A Driveway Of Distinction

Installing, or laying, a driveway is not an easy job, and so should be approached with the requisite experience needed to attempt it.

You may need to contact your local planning authority first, so double check with the relevant bodies before agreeing to work, or forking out for materials and/or labour.

When you’ve decided that you’re definitely going ahead, you can look for information on how to create a driveway, and from there, research into the different types of surface available, to ensure you pick something appropriate for you, your property and your circumstances.

How To Create A Driveway: Tarmac

Tarmac driveways are normally laid by professionals, but can be done as a DIY job or by general construction workers.

Any existing driveway surface must be completely excavated and removed before a membrane is laid to stop any weed growth (although we all know, this isn’t always effective!).

Edging is laid, a sub-base put down and then the first layer of mixed tarmac is poured on. This is levelled before another layer is poured on, and this is levelled again.

The excavation process is often the most time-consuming and effort-heavy job, as it can require lots of machinery and hard labour.

Laying a tarmac driveway is particularly labour intensive when it’s considered how easily they are scuffed, cracked, discoloured and weathered. A tarmac driveway lasts on average 15 years – no doubt much less time than you’re intending to spend in your home!

How To Create A Driveway: Block Paving

Paving block driveways can again be laid by professionals, or attempted as a D.I.Y job, but requires a steady hand, and an eye for design.

Paving block driveways are often targeted by chance ‘have-a-go’ tradespeople, and so those hired to lay the driveway should be properly vetted before hired.

All vegetation and existing surfaces should be removed and drained before being levelled off. The area is edged before a sub-base is applied (often of a sand mix) and then the blocks can be laid. Each block is laid down manually and individually before jointing is piped in.

The difficulty with block paving on driveways is that individual blocks are easily damaged, and can quickly become loose, so you may need to keep some spares for replacements.

Block paving also isn’t ideal for unusually shaped driveways, as the blocks need to be cut down to size, and their form doesn’t lend itself well to anything but geometric designs.

How To Create A Driveway Of Distinction

In order for a resin bound driveway to fulfil it’s potential, its installation must have been done correctly. Home Logic hold BBA (British Board of Agrement) accreditation for their products and services

How To Create A Driveway: Resin Bound Surfacing

Resin bound driveways are made up of natural aggregates, such as recycled glass, marble and stone coated in clear resin.

This resin bound mixture can be poured onto an existing driveway, providing it is undamaged, even and solid, or poured into a sub-grid laid onto the earth. The mixture is evened out, and left to ‘cure’ as it dries over the period of between 24-48 hours.

Resin bound driveways need to be installed by specialist driveway technicians, with access to the equipment and materials required, but also with sufficient expertise. The result is a durable, naturally-draining and neat-looking driveway, that will not age or weather over time.

How To Create A Driveway: The Expert Opinion

Resin bound driveways are by far the superior option when it comes to functionality and installation. Compliant with sustainable urban drainage standards, they naturally drain moisture through their surface, thereby reduced the risk of localised flooding.

Their smooth surface allows for a wipe-clean drive that won’t crack, scuff or damage. There’s also no discolouration with prolonged exposure to even the harshest of weather, and as a blended mixture, the colour of the driveway itself can be chosen to accommodate your personal design requirements.

In order for a resin bound driveway to fulfil it’s potential, its installation must have been done correctly. Home Logic hold BBA (British Board of Agrement) accreditation for their products and services.

Of course, you don’t need to take our word for it. The reviews from existing Home Logic customers on independent consumer champion website TrustPilot are outstanding, including:

“I would recommend Home Logic to anyone wanting a resin driveway. The men were very polite and did a good job. Everyone remarks on it when they see it: we’ve had lots of compliments about our driveway!”

“Nothing was too much trouble for these guys – they finished covering a huge area with resin bonded small gravel in just one day! Four men working flat out in harmony.”

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