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Spray Foam Insulation

How To Fix a Roof Leak From the Inside


Hankering after expert advice on how to fix a roof leak from the inside? We hear you, and we’re here to help, with our ultimate guide to roof restoration.

From spotting signs of roof leaks, to implementing fail proof solutions, we explore the importance of repairing your roof, and how spray foam offers structural integrity to your ceiling, and a whole host of benefits besides…

Telltale Signs of a Leaking Roof

Let’s start by stating the obvious: a leaking roof can lead to all manner of problems-especially in light of our rainy climate, which adds further insult to injury.

Yet what’s not quite so obvious is the underlying cause of such leaks.

In most cases, roof leaks are not just the result of one single factor; they’re far more likely to be created by a culmination of contributory causes, including: weather, broken tiles, clogged gutters…and even condensation in your attic!

So…what are the specific signs that your roof is a persistently poor performer? Here’s a few handy hints to get you started:

  • Are there any visible water stains?:

If your ceiling is sporting an explicit stigmata, then you should definitely get it checked. Visible water stains are a telltale sign of leaks. Often ringed with a brownish tinge, they mainly occur in walls and ceilings, leading to mould and mildew if left unchecked long-term. In some instances, these stains aren’t quite so visible, making it decidedly difficult to determine whether they’re the sign of a roof leak-or simply the sign of shading.

  • Are your external walls sporting signs of moss?:

If your external walls are turning a lurid shade of green, then it’s pretty likely that there’s a problem with your downspouts or gutters. Downspouts and gutters form an integral part of your roofing system as a whole, and should be addressed accordingly. In this case, the addition of gutter covers offers an initial reprieve, although if you’re looking to solve this problem long-term, repairs are often required.

  • Are there any missing shingles?:

Missing shingles point to problems with your roofing material. Unfortunately, this problem is only spotted with external examination, and consequently, often remains unchecked. The slightest sign of patching calls for more thorough investigation. 

how to fix a roof leak from the inside

Upon application, it expands to fill every available space, providing a superior seal, that radically reduces roof leaks, and shores up the overall structure of the rafters. Result!

Why Are Some Roof Leaks So Hard To Find?

Often, finding the source of a roof leak is like looking for a needle in a haystack. But why?

One main reason for such difficulties is that the origin of the roof leak is not always the same place where the sign of the leak shows up.

Although inevitably frustrating, you can quickly transform your confusion into clarity by conducting a water test on your roof.

This test is definitely a two-person job. One of you will need to clamber up on top of the roof, armed with a garden hose.

The other will need to wait patiently in the attic with a bucket, whilst the person on the roof floods the space with a hose.

Despite sounding extreme, this method yields direct results, enabling you to discern the exact positioning of less visible leaks, and mark them up accordingly.

How Can I Fix Them?

Put simply, by enlisting the help of the experts! D.I.Y solutions abound, but you should always remember that temporary measures provide only short-term solutions.

If you’re looking for something more long-term, then spray foam fits the bill-quite literally!

how to fix a roof leak from the inside

Spray foam expands to up to 100 times its original size upon application, providing an impenetrable barrier against moisture that inhibits mould!

Traditional Insulation vs. Spray Foam: Which is Best for Roofs?

Although they play their part in preventing heat loss, over time, the effectiveness of traditional insulation materials should certainly be called into question.

Both fibreglass and cellulose settle and sag over time, compromising their overall performance.

Consequently, moisture easily accumulates in the gaps between fibres, reducing thermal resistance in the process.

In contrast, spray foam expands to up to 100 times its original size upon application, providing an impenetrable barrier against moisture.

Why Spray Foam is the Ultimate Roof Restoration Product

Spray foam offers your property a new pair of lungs. No really! It’s been cleverly constructed with moisture in mind, giving damp its marching orders, whilst enabling your building to breathe.

The result? Plunging precipitation levels, and a far cosier home, that says goodbye to condensation, and hello to year round comfort.

So why is a build up of moisture in the roof space such a big deal?

Put simply, because it’s harmful and hazardous to health.

Excess moisture is a primary cause of mould, the spores of which are well-known to exacerbate breathing conditions, such as asthma.

By insulating your roof-space with spray foam, you’ll not only improve the structural integrity of your attic-you’ll also ensure your family’s health long-term.

In this respect, spray foam is pretty much priceless.

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