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How To Fix An Uneven Driveway

How To Fix Driveway Drainage Problems

Have you started to notice that your driveway is becoming a hot spot for puddles? Perhaps you’ve gotten tired of constant standing water? Maybe the driveway better resembles an ice rink in the winter when the temperature plummets? 

If you’re having driveway water problems, then the most likely cause of the issue is poor driveway drainage…

A driveway that doesn’t drain properly is a big problem; poor drainage can lead to icy surfaces, cracks, and moss growth, to name just a few of the common consequences of excess water. 

Thankfully, this big problem isn’t one without a solution! Here are four of the best methods for how to fix driveway drainage problems…

Method One: Fix Your Guttering

The first step to fixing any drainage problem, whether it’s inside your house or outside, is to look at the system that’s primarily responsible for drainage, your guttering.

As the UK has an average of 133 rainy/snowy days a year and homes are left to deal with around 885 millimetres of rain, a good guttering system is essential. 

To lower the risk of too much water ending up on your driveway, it’s important to make sure that your gutters are directing the water away from your driveway and the main part of your property. To keep your gutters in good order, regular maintenance is crucial – a blocked gutter is a useless gutter!

How To Fix Driveway Drainage Problems

Fixing the grade of a driveway is easier with an unbound material, like gravel, as for concrete or asphalt driveways, a new surface may need to be laid to fix the poor grade

Method Two: Install Drainage Channels 

To deal with too much rainwater, driveway drainage channels can be of great assistance. Installing a drainage channel can help if your driveway is sloped away from your home or towards it, and even in cases when the driveway slopes into the middle of the surface. 

A drainage channel will make sure that any excess water runs down the slope of the driveway and is safely carried away instead of sitting on the surface of the drive or pooling in one area. 

Driveway channel drains should be installed in the trouble-spot of the driveway and be the correct length to allow for full driveway width drainage. Like any drainage solution, a channel drain will need to be kept clean and free from obstruction.

Method Three: Re-Grade the Driveway 

Solutions like channel drains can work when the driveway has a good grade, so the water runs naturally to one area of the driveway. However, they don’t work as well when the driveway has a poor grade or none at all. 

If there’s no slope to your driveway then fixing drainage problems may need to involve installing a grade to the driveway – you can design a driveway, so the water runs off to either side or towards or away from your home. 

How To Fix Driveway Drainage Problems

With a resin driveway you get the perfect combination of beautiful design, hard-wearing surfaces, great natural drainage, and low maintenance – what more could you want from a driveway!

Method Four: Switch to a SUDs Compliant Driveway

If your driveway is in poor condition and the drainage situation is severe; perhaps due to poor installation, wear and tear over the years, or due to extreme weather damage; then it may be time to get your driveway replaced. 

Removing your existing driveway surface and replacing it with a SUDs compliant alternative surface, like a resin bound driveway, will solve many of the common drainage issues that driveways encounter.

The natural drainage of a permeable surface, like resin bound surfaces, seriously reduces surface run-off and deals with the issue of puddles of water settling. This not only means that you’ll prevent icy patches in the winter, but your drainage will be under less pressure. 

With a resin driveway you get the perfect combination of beautiful design, hard-wearing surfaces, great natural drainage, and low maintenance – what more could you want from a driveway!

Fix Driveway Drainage Problems with Home Logic 

At Home Logic, we provide a full driveway rennovation service, from the initial survey to identify what problems you may be having with your driveway, to high-quality and professional driveway installation. 

If you’re fed-up with your driveway not meeting the standards of a strong, beautiful, and water-free surface, then make Home Logic the service that you choose to solve the problem once and for all! 

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