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How To Get Rid Of Conservatory Sun Glare For Good

conservatory sun glare

It seems that no matter the season, there is always some kind of problem. In the winter, it’s cold and damp and in the summer, it’s hot and bright. 

There are few places where seasonal problems are more pronounced than in a conservatory. The unique space is beautiful, but it does suffer greatly when the temperature reaches extreme points. 

Whilst you can’t turn off the sun, you can equip your conservatory to better handle the damaging effects. As it’s looking like temperature extremes are going to be a regular occurrence in the next few years, there’s no time like the present to deal with the extremes that are affecting your conservatory the most!

Conservatory suffering more from the summer blues than the winter blues? Here’s how to get rid of sun glare in your conservatory for good…

Summer Solutions the Home Logic Way

At Home Logic, we tackle temperature extremes with some of the best insulation materials on the market. For conservatories, we offer multi-foil insulation, a product that uses materials that were originally developed by NASA. 

Multi-foil insulation takes the benefits of different insulation materials and puts them together to create a remarkable insulation product. These highly effective layers, include:

•    A vapour barrier
•    Metalized poly foil
•    True aluminium foil
•    Thermowadding membrane

The end result tackles two of the major summer problems that can stop a conservatory from being an enjoyable place to spend time; sun glare and excessive heat. 

conservatory sun glare

Unlike some conservatory roof systems, installing insulation won’t look out of place either. All the layers of the insulation are safely concealed by the appealing covering, so your conservatory will still look fantastic.

Say Goodbye to Sun Glare For Good!

When you’re outside and there is considerable sun glare, the light can damage your eyes; if you don’t wear the right eye protection it can be incredibly harmful, both directly and indirectly, such as when you’re driving. 

Sun glare in a conservatory may not cause the same damage but it can cause the space to be unusable and destroy your furniture. Over time, the glare from the sun will begin to fade any furnishings that you have in your conservatory.

Home Logic conservatory insulation stops this problem completely. When the insulation is installed on the underside of the conservatory roof, the sun glare is eliminated.

This doesn’t make a conservatory dark, as there is still plenty of natural light coming in from the windows, but the direct light that comes through the roof is stopped.

Conservatory Too Hot? Not Anymore…

The same insulation system that stops sun glare can also stop your conservatory from overheating in the summer which, as you would expect from a structure made almost entirely out of glass, is a very common problem. 

As the temperature rises outside and the sun beats down on your conservatory, the insulation will stop about 95% of radient heat in its tracks. By stopping the conduction of heat, the insulation makes sure that the inside of your conservatory says as cool as possible.

By removing sun glare and excess heat from the equation, your conservatory will become the ideal space to relax in during the summer and a great retreat when your garden or patio become too hot to enjoy. 

conservatory sun glare

To see for yourself how conservatory roof insulation can turn your conservatory into the best place to enjoy your garden in the summer and relax in the winter, please don’t hesitate to call our team today on 0800 1700 636!

Why Should You Choose Home Logic for Your Conservatory Roof Insulation?

The team at Home Logic have 20 years of experience working with conservatories, so we know just how to make sure a conservatory is enjoyable through every season of the year.

However, you don’t just need to take our word for it. By visiting our Trust Pilot page, you can check out more than 550 reviews, like the review below from Mrs Simcox on the services that we provide here at Home Logic.

‘I was very pleased with the whole process from the time of ordering to the actual foam insulation. Everything was done efficiently and with care and the insulation team cleared away as much dust and dirt as they possibly could. I can certainly recommend this product.’

To see for yourself how conservatory roof insulation can turn your conservatory into the best place to enjoy your garden in the summer and relax in the winter, please don’t hesitate to call our team today, either by calling us directly on 0800 1700 636, or submitting an enquiry through our website, by simply clicking the button below!