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How to Improve Insulation in a House: Top Tips


Since the 60’s, we as a nation have seen the average temperature of rooms increase significantly. Don’t think this is a bad thing! This is down to the improved insulation in the home, and the increasing popularity of central heating systems.

If you were to compare this with the 1970’s, there was a recorded average room temperature during winter of 12°C. Contrast this with the temperatures of today, where the average internal temperature during winter is around 18°C, with a slight increase in summer to 20°C. This is all down to improved insulation.

This could lead you to ask yourselves what a healthy internal temperature should be. Well, according to WHO (World Health Organisation) standards, the desired internal heat level for an appropriately-dressed, healthy family is around 18°C.

The UK and Met Office’s cold weather estimations means this is a recommended minimum temperature.

Taking all of this on board, here’s how to improve insulation in a house without breaking the bank – or your back!

Why is Insulation So Important?

As with many objects, they only work to their full capacity if they have been set up correctly – a thermostat being no different. Although, even when a thermostat is correctly installed, the level of insulation in your home could impact the amount you spend on energy.

For example, if you combine an outdated boiler with minimal insulation, you’ll effectively be letting all energy that’s generated simply float through the walls of your home.

To put it in layman terms – a poorly insulated home is more susceptible to heat loss. Imagine this scenario – your home isn’t insulated to a workable standard, and you turn your thermostat to 20°C. There is no guarantee your home will reach that temperature due to the poor insulation.

The way around this conundrum is to install more insulation in your walls, floors and loftspace.

Work Miracles with Home Logic Spray Foam

The most effective way to insulate your home is, believe it or not, surprisingly simple! As mentioned briefly above, the loft area is one of the worst culprits for heat loss, with over 25% of heat escaping through the roof of your home.

It is advisable to start from the top and work your way down, in this instance.

Not only will you succeed at keeping the heat in, you’ll be complying with UK building regulations, which stipulate a minimum insulation depth of 270mm as mandatory.

This regulation is in place to ensure that your home is not only comfortable to live in, but also achieves an unrivalled level of thermal efficiency. Save money and do it legally – bonus!

Here at Home Logic, we always recommend our own Home Logic Spray Foam insulation as we see first-hand the benefits it provides to homeowners. However, we believe in shouting the benefits from the rooftops, so below is a list of the most popular benefits among property owners.

Of course, we can provide you with a more bespoke list if you get in contact with us! We apply the spray foam using extremely high-spec hosing equipment, after which it expands on impact and solidifies.

This expansion increases up to 100 times the size upon application, meaning one coat of our spray foam could turn your home into one big thermal blanket. What better way to know how to improve insulation in a house than with a big, metaphorical blanket!

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What Do We Love About Home Logic Spray Foam?

The Thermal Treatment

As we’ve highlighted above, the thermal qualities that our spray foam possesses are endless, which inevitably leads to a financial gain for yourself! This is one of the most effective methods of how to improve insulation in a house.

Are you tired of wasting money on energy? Well what better time than the present? After all, your decision making in the present will provide you with peace of mind in the future.

If you were to look at the current market in insulation products, you won’t find many other products that offer a similar level of thermal improvement, hence our recommendation! One of the major benefits of our spray foam is that it doesn’t erode over time, on top of the fact it can withstand the most extreme of climates.

So if you’re wanting to focus on thermal improvements, then Home Logic fits the bill. Thermal efficiency is a great first step on how to improve insulation in a house.

All the Nook and Crannies

One benefit that keeps cropping up in discussion is how our spray foam is able to fill the nooks and crannies that other products just can’t reach. In our opinion, you either insulate your home properly or not at all-there’s no room for half measures when it comes to heating your home!

During the application process, you don’t need to get up close and personal to the application area – just let the hose do all the work. Now you might think that pointing a hose at your home and spraying is a little half-hearted, but rest assured – the spray foam is doing all the work on your home’s behalf!

Breathe with Me

Any insulation product worth its salt will offer you more than one purpose – the ability to protect your home from moisture and other elements, whilst also allowing water vapour to leave the house.

Our spray foam offers both of these benefits, keeping heat within the parameters of your home, whilst giving moisture its marching orders.

 It’s All About the Money

This method of insulation allows you to save up to an estimated 35% on all of your heating bills, especially for those living in older properties in the UK. We are in a time of rollercoaster energy prices – constantly up and down!

In times like this, Home Logic spray foam is one of the most sensible options economically. This is a solid tip on how to improve insulation in a house.

The perfect home is a home that can heat itself, without relying on manual appliances like central heating systems and thermostats to maintain a consistent temperature. Don’t think this just applies to cold weather, though.

We might be in the UK, but we do have a summer of sorts, so a thermally efficient home won’t rely upon air-conditioning units. With this level of temperature consistency, you will see an investment return in no time.


Turning Down the Volume

Another purpose of spray foam that some people tend to play down is its ability to block out the noise from outside, allowing you to put your feet up in peace.

This is ideal for anyone that lives on main roads, near factories or even near emergency services stations, such as police stations and hospitals. Insulate the inside of your home whilst blocking out sounds from outside – complete comfort!

Happy Planet – Happy People

When thinking of how to improve insulation in a house you should also consider how this may affect the planet! We are always striving to help the planet put a smile on its face. Our spray foam poses no risk to humans are non-toxic.

On top of this, it’s environmentally friendly! This means that the foam will pose no harm towards you, your property or your neighbours.

Every day, we are advised to reduce our personal carbon footprint; and this product will give you a helping hand in doing just that. Just think, if everyone that read this decided to insulate their homes with our spray foam, imagine what that could do for the health of the planet, and the future of generations to come!

No Toxins or Chemicals

As mentioned above, Home Logic spray foam poses no risk to your health, and contains no harmful substances or chemicals. Safety is guaranteed during installation, as well as when you re-occupy the property post-application.

Think back to when you might have had fibreglass insulation – like many properties did. There was always the risk of breathing in the airborne pollutants. Fast forward to today – there’s no danger to be seen!

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insulation without tearing down walls

External Wall Insulation for Consistency

It’s remarkably simple to keep a consistent temperature within your home just by using external wall insulation. All it takes is one application to make your home impermeable by water by as much as 95%, in contrast to an uninsulated wall.

The application process itself is quick and painless; it only takes minutes to spray the outside walls, which means that your family won’t be disturbed.

External wall insulation enables your home to remain at a consistent and comfortable temperature, minimises the heat lost prior to application, and saves you substantial money on your energy bills overall. What’s not to love about that?!

Home Logic Wall Insulation

When our Home Logic Wall Insulation is painted or sprayed onto your property’s exterior, it will appear as a creamy colour. It will appear obvious that something has been applied to your walls, but there’s no need to worry!

Within minutes, the foam will sink and disperse itself within your brickwork, blending in seamlessly to the brickwork, and appearing hidden to the naked eye.

Our product penetrates and sinks into the masonry up to 17mm deep, effectively creating a barrier that lowers the amount of moisture absorbed by up to 95%. It’s important to remember that dry walls are much better thermal insulators, because heat travels quicker across wet, cold areas.

As mentioned previously, just one application of our spray foam will lead to improvements in your property’s thermal performance, a reduction in moisture gain, and all-year-round protection from natural substances. All of this, and your property can still easily breathe!

Benefits of External Wall Insulation

  • Up to 20 years protection, guaranteed!
  • All-year-round protection from the elements outside!
  • A makeover your property will love you for
  • Improve the quality of sound within your home, whilst keeping noise out!
  • Make mould and condensation a thing of the past!
  • Simple application means minimal disruption.
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How to Improve Insulation in a House with Home Logic

Our trusted team of experts have many years’ experience in the insulation business, hence why we can guarantee minimal disruption to your day-to-day activities during the installation procedure.

If you’d like any more information, or have any enquiries about ideal room temperatures or benefits of insulation – don’t hesitate to contact us! We hope we’ve done all we can to explain the best ways of how to improve insulation in a house. If not – get in touch oday!

Our advisors are on hand during normal working hours, and we offer a no-obligation service. Give us a call on 0800 1700 636. However, if you’d prefer to email us, as we appreciate you might be a busy individual, you can drop us a line at survey@homelogic.co.uk for answers about any questions you may have.

We also offer a free-site survey, where you can find out whether wall insulation is the right thing for your property, and how to improve insulation in your house. This can be sorted at a time best suited for yourself, so you can be in the loop at all times!

Remember – there is absolutely no obligation to proceed once the survey has been completed, meaning the power is entirely in your hands. We want you to find the best way to save you money and make your home a happy, warm one-and we’re confident we’re the right people for the job!

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