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How To Insulate A Conservatory Roof

Conservatory is a room with glass roof and walls. Usually, the conservatory is attached to the house at one side. People use it as a greenhouse.

But the problem with the conservatory is the essence of the room, the glass roof.

Glass is not a good insulation material. And that is why people often choose to insulate their roof in the conservatory. So, the question we will answer today is how to insulate a conservatory roof.

Should You Insulate Your Conservatory Roof?

Since conservatories are a place where you dine, chat with friends, relax, listen to music, and anything in between, it is only logical that you want to make the room comfortable and cosy.

But before we get to the problem how to insulate the conservatory roof, and should you hire a professional and experienced conservatory insulation company to do that, let’s take a look at main problems. Most of the time, conservatories are either too hot, or too cold. Ask yourself, do you suffer from any of the following problems?

  • The conservatory is too hot in the summer
  • The conservatory is too noisy when it rains
  • The conservatory is freezing in the winter
  • Electricity and gas bills are through the roof, since it is expensive to heat up the conservatory

If you answered “yes” to two of the questions, it is time to think about insulation to the conservatory roof. Our bet is that you answered “yes” to all four questions, but let’s talk about how conservatory insulation works.

How Does Conservatory Insulation Work?

When it comes to insulation, we believe that the concept of multi foil insulation is the best option on the market. This concept was used by NASA on the Apollo space missions. The agency used the concept to maximise insulation and protect spaceships against temperatures in outer space.

Today, the same technology is adapted and used for conservatories. And do not worry, the price is not something that will scare you. NASA can afford to pay high prices, but the concept has been adjusted so that everyone can use it.

The concept prevents 90% of heat loss. What is in the multi foil insulation?

Here is what you get:

– True aluminum foil, which according to tests can deflect 95% of radiant heat during the summery hot days and nights
– ThermoWadding Membrane, which are actually pockets of air within the material. These pockets have one purpose, and that is to prevent conduction of radiant energy. They also help your room maintain an even temperature
– The next part of the multi foil concept is a metalized poly foil barrier. Think of it as an additional heat barrier. Again, the goal is to prevent heat gain in the summer, but also heat loss during winter
– Last, but not least, you get vapor control, which is prevention against damp and condensation problems.

Take a moment to watch this video and learn more about how to insulate a conservatory roof with Home Logic Conservatory Insulation.

An insulated conservatory roof is much easier to maintain. The inside is now transformed. You can choose for plastered or plastic ceiling. No matter what you choose, it is definitely easier to clean and maintain than a classic conservatory roof!

Why Insulate Your Conservatory Roof?

People ask why it is important to insulate your conservatory roof. Well, that is the first question.

We already answered how to insulate a conservatory roof. Now, let’s take a look at the benefits you will reap once you insulate your conservatory roof.

  • First and foremost, you get a vastly improved temperature regulation. Insulation makes sure that you do not let any heat loss during the winter, and keep heat off during summer. With good conservatory roof insulation, you can reduce heat loss by up to 90%. And we cannot forget the greenhouse effect that happens in the summer. With insulation, that effect will be history, and your conservatory will be cooler.
  •  Once you place insulation, your conservatory will look like a real room. You can plaster and prepare the conservatory for painting. You will receive a fully insulated ceiling.
  • Most importantly, money talks. And in terms of roof insulation, you will reduce your energy costs, and increase your happiness level. During the winter, an insulated conservatory retains up to 90% of the heat.
  •  Heat insulation is not the only benefit. You also get sound insulation, which reduces rain noise. You do not want to hear the rain drops while you study, right?
  • Last, but not least, an insulated conservatory roof is much easier to maintain. The inside is now transformed. You can choose for plastered or plastic ceiling. No matter what you choose, it is definitely easier to clean and maintain than a classic conservatory roof.

There, how to insulate a conservatory roof, make it cool in summer, warm in winter, save on heating bills and gain an exquisite living space, all of that covered with one small home improvement.

Knowing how to insulate a conservatory roof, you probably realise, it is best to have a specialist done it for you. Book your conservatory survey today with a friendly Home Logic expert by calling 0800 1700 636!