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Spray Foam Insulation

How To Insulate A Cottage Floor For Every Season

how to insulate a cottage floor

The word cottage comes from the traditional architecture of England. A cottage is typically a small and cosy house. It can be terraced or detached and has a traditional touch in its structure. The floors of a cottage can use timber floorboards, can be concrete or can use tiles.

But the most common form of floors are the ones that use timber floorboards.

How Does The Weather Affect Living Conditions Inside?

Cold Weather:

Living in the cottages gives you that traditional touch you want, but aren’t they cold?

Even if you have a wood flooring, the change in temperature causes feet to freeze inside. You do not feel like getting out of bed, am I right?

Hot/ Humid Weather:

In the summers the air gains a lot of humidity. The ventilation in the cottages would not help much to make the house cooler.

Also, as there is a lot of wood used, any kind of moisture is not good for the structure.


Rains can add to the humidity and the coldness of the weather. It affects the environment inside the cottage.

So, you need to stop and think what you can do to handle the changes in the weather. Of course, there are heaters or furnaces for the winters and air conditioners for the summers. But, how long can you keep them running through the day? The energy bills also must be taken into consideration.

What About Ventilation?

All the properties must have under-floor ventilation. This is mainly done to deal with the moisture issue. Also, lack of ventilation can lead to the formation of gases like radon with no space to escape.

With this type of ventilation, you still cannot stop the air (cold or humid) from affecting the cottage. This will make the floors cold in Winter and overheated in summers. Even in the old architecture, this problem persists.

The best option that you have is home insulation. How? It’s time to find out…

Floor Insulation: What Does It Offer?

– It helps you deal with the heat sink effect, and makes a cottage comfortable to live in.
– Helps you in reducing your energy bills.
– Keeps the cottage warm in Winter, and cooler in Summer.
– Fills the gaps (if any) in the floors without blocking the ventilation.

how to insulate a cottage floor

Benefits Of Using Spray Foam Insulation

– It helps you save a lot of energy. You will not have to keep the air-conditioners or furnaces running all day. Your bills would no longer be a headache.
– It is easy to install. It only needs to be sprayed to the desired location.
– It is eco-friendly. It uses soy-based polyols and recycled plastic.
– It will not cause any structural damage; instead it actually serves to support the structure.

Spray Foam Installation: The Process

– There are two different containers. Both have liquid ingredients.
– While installing, both the containers are connected using a hose.
– The ingredients are then mixed. This is done with a mixing gun.
– As soon as the ingredients will reach the mixing gun, they will turn into foam.
– The foam is water blown and later expands to 100 times its initial size.

Types of Spray Foam Insulation:

– Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation
– Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation

Open Cell spray foam insulation has proven to be better than Closed Cell spray foam. The following reasons explain why:


Open cell spray foam uses water blowers, whereas closed cell varieties use HFC (hydrofluorocarbon) blowers. The water blowers are more stable and environmentally-friendly than HFC blowers.

Low Cost:

One of the attractive features of open celled spray foam is that it is cheaper than closed cell equivalents. Most of us want a solution that can suit our pocket. Open Cell is the best solution for those on a budget.

Better Performance On Wood:

Both forms of spray foam insulation are air barriers. Open celled spray foam allows the moisture to move more freely than closed cell varieties. Closed cell passes the moisture on to the wood used in the structure.

Spray Foam Insulation: Additional Uses

Spray Foam insulation will also work on the concrete floors. It binds quickly and completely to anything it comes it contacts to.

It thus makes a superior barrier around the plumbing and other fixtures that are below the floor. It offers a multi-purpose solution that tackles several tasks at once, in comparison to any other insulation material.

To ensure comfortable living in any kind of weather, it is a must to make the right choice. Do not overlook the floors; they also control the atmosphere inside the cottage. Spray Foam will give you a solution that will last longer, and is of a superior quality as well.

With spray foam insulation, you can enjoy the cosiness of your cottage for many years to come. All you need to do is find an experienced contractor. Talk to our team of spray foam experts today, by calling 0800 1700 636, or by simply clicking the button below!