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How to Insulate a Pitched Roof: Top Tips and Tricks


How To Insulate a Pitched Roof

In this article we are running through how to insulate a pitched roof so you under

Pitched roofs are those that are not entirely flat, but instead sloped or with a noticeable gradient. Pitched roofs can be found on a variety of different property types, although are predominantly found on dormer bungalows in general.

Want to know how to insulate a pitched roof in the best way possible? Ready to raise the roof of your current standard of insulation? All will be revealed in the following article…

Pitched Roofs: The Basics

Traditionally, pitched roofs are insulated by nailing or attaching insulation boards to the floor of the attic space, keeping the cold air in the loft room, and preventing it from penetrating down into the rest of the property, unless a door is opened, or air sweeps through between the panels.

However, this is not an effective method of insulation long-term, and does not seal your property completely against cold wind or moisture in the air. It also leaves the loft space feeling so cold that it’s often left unused, or solely for storage purposes.

The best way to insulate a pitched roof is to install the very latest insulation technology – which comes in the form of spray foam insulation.

This multi-purpose material is mixed with water, and blown directly onto the designated surface, using highly specialist equipment. In the case of pitched roofs on a home, the spray foam is applied directly onto the rafters of the roof.

This keeps the heat in, and gives you back your attic space to use as you like. Result!

Prime Your Pitched Roof For Perfection With Spray Foam

Upon application, spray foam expands up to one hundred times its original size, and then dries out within a period of 24 hours. Once dried, the spray foam is solid, and as it has expanded, completely fills all nooks, crannies and spaces.

This seals off the roof from the outside world, allowing no moisture or cold air to pass. This greatly increases not just the temperature of your home, but also its energy efficiency as well.

Now for the best part! Increased energy efficiency as a result of not having to heat and cool your property as much cuts your costs and overheads considerably.

35% less in fact-and your grading on an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) will be significantly improved to boot.


Grand Designs Gives It The Go-Ahead!

In addition to the increased temperature, air quality will be improved as spray foam contains no toxic or harmful ingredients. Unlike traditional insulation panels, it’s entirely safe to touch, and will not deteriorate or degrade over time, or release allergens into the environment around it.

Several customers have noted on independent review site TrustPilot the significant upgrade in the air around them. If you have family members or frequent visitors with health conditions caused or aggravated by poor air quality, you’ll understand just how important healthy, clean air can be.

It can be installed within a matter of hours (dependent on the size of the area to be insulated), as opposed to days of hard work nailing boards to floors, and stuffing them into wall cavities.

In the UK, the only team accredited to install Icynene spray foam insulation work for home improvement experts Home Logic, and are fully British Board of Agrement (BBA) certified for consumers’ peace of mind.

Spray foam insulation has even been featured on Channel 4’s Grand Designs, as the most innovative insulation solution, and  continues to be a real success story in Canada, where it originated… and where they know a thing or two about needing to keep their homes warm!

As an insulation system that pays for itself within 3 years on savings made to energy bills alone, Kevin McCloud agrees: it’s an innovation that more need to invest in.

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