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How to Insulate Windows: Your Go-To Guide

how to insulate windows

There are times when windows just can’t be replaced. Perhaps you have a historic home with charming, original features that are worth preserving. Alternatively, you may be working on a very tight budget and keen to research methods to insulate your windows that aren’t going to break the bank balance.

Whatever your situation, when it comes to how to insulate your windows, the methods on the market are delightfully diverse.

From caulking up cracks to changing your curtains, our Home Logic guide to how to insulate windows is here to help you make confident, considered choices about your window insulation,consequently increasing your property’s overall investment potential in the process.

Windows Efficiency Ratings (WER)

If you’re looking for how to insulate windows to increase your property’s investment potential, paying attention to the Window Efficiency Rating scale makes sound financial sense. This distinctive colour-coded system features an energy ratings scale from A+ to G, with an ‘A+’ rating considered to be the best for optimising thermal-efficiency and overall heat retention of both the window frame and the glass inside of it.

Traditional Techniques to Insulate Windows

Rubber weather sealing

Whether the weather be hot, or whether the weather be cold, living in the UK with our inclement weather and persistent drizzle makes weather sealing windows a top priority. The great thing about rubber weather sealing is that it can be easily sourced from your local hardware store, requiring minimal effort to apply.

Simply cut long strips to fit your window’s dimensions, then peel and stick to the frame to close any gaps or cracks and consign cold air back to where it belongs: outdoors!

how to insulate windows

Putting weather-stripping around windows and doors can help to lower your heating bills-as well as keep those dastardly draughts at bay!

Layered curtains or insulating curtains

When it comes to seeking out ways to insulate your windows with minimal outlay, using heavy fabrics or layered curtains to dress your windows provides both visual interest and a means of minimising persistent draughts around windows and doors.

If you wish to take it one step further on the insulation front, you can even opt to buy insulated curtains for your home. Featuring inbuilt thermal backing, these specialised curtains are a one-way ticket to cosyville.

Using rope caulk

Bought in packages strips and available in hardware stores nationwide, rope caulk can be easily applied to all exposed window seams, provided an effective seal.

High-performance sealant

High-performance sealant is another popular way of insulating windows. More durable than rope caulk, caulk sealant fares better in adverse weather and cap be easily squeezed into any unsightly gaps or cracks featured along the exterior side of your window seam with the aide of a caulk gun. Alternatively, you can apply expansion foam to the same seams instead.


Putting weather-stripping around windows and doors can help to lower your heating bills-as well as keep those dastardly draughts at bay!

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