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How To Make A Cold House Warm Again (Without Breaking The Bank)

There is a lot of diversity amongst the housing in the UK, but the one thing that seems tie them all together is the cold. As the UK braces itself for yet another cold winter, the question on many homeowner’s minds is, how to make a cold house warm again?

Every year as winter draws closer, residents in the UK from all walks of life are faced with exactly the same problem, how to make a cold house warm. It’s not just in recent years that this problem has meant more than just how comfortable you feel at home, in 2015 there were 9,000 deaths in the UK that were a result of cold homes.

Before you work towards a solution to reducing your homes heating bills, the biggest question is, why does, how to make a cold house warm, even need to be asked?

how to make a cold house warm againFrom Cold House to Warm Home

While the UK energy prices pay a substantial role in why many of the homes in the UK are left cold during the winter, it is not the only cause. One of the biggest points of concern is the insulation in UK homes, or lack of. Amidst failed government initiatives and confusion over the insulation market, the UK is still very much behind when it comes to properly insulated properties.

To get you started on the right path to finding your solution to how to make a cold home warm again, we have put together 5 different categories that could all help to keep you warmer this winter and in the years to come:

  • Double Glazing – UK homes are starting to upgrade their existing single pane windows and out of date double glazing to the newer and more efficient models on the market. Modern double or triple glazing provides significantly more thermal insulation than older models that have become inefficient due to cracks or insecure fittings. Even though not many would consider this solution an inexpensive one, with significant 10% of heat being lost through your windows, this can be a very good investment
  • DIY Projects– Before investing in home insulation, it can help to look a little closer to home and try some DIY projects that could see you saving money on your bills and making your home warmer. Making a few changes to the layout of your room could help you to get more from your hearing. Similarly, with 15% of heat in your home being lost to draughts, making or buying draught excluders and covering gaps under doors and around windows will make a big difference to the warmth in your home.
  • Home Insulation– This is one of the best ways to protect your home against heat loss. In your home, 25% of heat is lost through your roof, 25% of heat through your floor, and 35% of heat through your walls. Even picking one area of your home to insulate and choosing a high-quality product, like spray foam, will help you to save money. To get an idea of how home insulation can help, it’s worth looking at the experience of previous spray foam insulation customers.
  • Wall Coatings– A great way to insulate against heat loss and reduce water absorption by 95% or more, wall coatings can be the ideal choice for the exterior of your property. A form of invisible insulation barrier, for solid walls this is a good option as an alternative to more expensive insulation types.
  • Changing Energy Supplier– While not a way to protect your home against heat loss, switching your energy supplier can make heating your home on a regular basis much more affordable. If you haven’t looked at the other energy supplier deals on the market recently, then you could be missing an ample opportunity to make your energy bills more affordable.

How to Get The Most for Your Money

While some of the housing in the UK is well-equipped to deal with the cold, not every home has the same luxury. In the modern world, worrying about heating shouldn’t be as big of a problem as it is, but it’s the reality that many of us face every year.

If you are concerned as to how to make a cold house warm and are looking for the options that are best suited to your home, Home Logic are here to help. For any questions about home insulation methods or energy efficient solution, don’t hesitate to contact our team call 0800 1700 636.

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