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How to Make the Front of Your House Look Good

how to make the front of your house look good

The exterior of your home is all that most people will see of it, and although you’re normally inside it, it can be frustrating when the outside begins to look dirty or unkept.

When looking how to make the front of your house look good year-round, there’s lots of easy things to try to spruce things up. Here’s 5 top tips to get you started…

Top Tip No.1: Keep A Neat And Tidy Garden

Time to trim the bushes! Invest in a front garden set-up that’s easy to maintain, and doesn’t need daily, or weekly, pruning, cutting, watering or mowing.

A local garden centre will be able to advise on outdoor plants that can survive year-round and if your grass grows too fast, cheat and buy faux!

Top Tip No.2: Brighten Up Your Front Door

You don’t need to buy a whole new door to jazz it up. Pick a bold colour, and give it a lick of paint to brighten your doorway, and make it stand out from other properties in your local area.

Top Tip No.3: Hide Your Bins

If your bins are kept at the front of your house, build a small wooden cubby hole to store them in.

Plants can grow up the walls, or they can be decorated to match the rest of your garden, and your unsightly bins can be hidden away until the day they need to be collected.

Top Tip No.4: Stencil On Your House Number Or Name

Metal door numbers have a habit of coming loose and hanging wonky, giving an immediate (and normally unwanted) ‘Fawlty Towers’ feel to your home!

Instead, spray paint and stencil your house number or name to the door… and don’t stick to black. Experiment with colours that contrast with your door’s paint.

how to make the front of your house look good

Top Tip No.5: Install A Distinctive Driveway

Tarmac and concrete look grey and boring even when they’re newly installed… but also have a tendency once they age or get icy to scuff, crack and have render damage.

Driveways and pathways have moved on from dull concrete and paving blocks ridden with weeds to resin bound surfaces. These are mixed similarly to concrete, but instead are made up of stones and pieces of recycled glass and marble coated in a clear resin and poured onto an existing surface or sub-grid.

The end result is a dried and cured smooth and translucent surface, measuring somewhere between 12-24mm in thickness. The surface is wipe-clean, and won’t scuff or crack – even under the heaviest levels of footfall or vehicle usage.

The lack of cracking ensures no weeds can grow up through the surface, and the natural pores within the material allow for natural drainage of moisture into the earth.

Resin bound driveways are compliant with SUDs (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) building and construction standards and so don’t hold standing water: meaning no more puddles!

The mixture of materials used within the resin coating can be selected by the homeowner to best match or complement the exterior appearance of the house. This allows for every resin bound driveway to be different and entirely bespoke.

With no water, no weeds and a unique colour combination and finish, resin bound driveways and pathways keep a property looking neat year-round, regardless of weather.

However, their performance is largely down to the quality of their installation, so it’s important to hire a technician team with the relevant experience and certification.

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