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Driveways & Resin Surfacing

How To Make Your Driveway Look Better, Cleaner And Brighter

how to make your driveway look better

Grey, drab and a little dirty: how interesting is your driveway? A rectangle of grey concrete lined with some faded flowers and uneven grass… perhaps with the odd weed growing through a crack in the surface. Does that sound about right?

It’s time to address to how to make your driveway look better, cleaner and more interesting.

The exterior of your home is the first impression for many and, as we’re all well aware, first impressions matter. The outside of your home sets the tone for what prospective buyers can expect within, making a new driveway a financially savvy investment, as the following article reveals…

No Cracks Or Scuffs

Resin bound driveways are smooth with no loose stones. Individual pieces of natural aggregate such as marble, recycled glass and stone, are all mixed and coated in a clear resin, to provide a stunningly sophisticated surface.

In fact, even under the heaviest of footfall, vehicle usage or impact, resin bound driveways won’t crack, scuff or damage.

Your resin bound driveway will look neat year-round in all weathers, even as it ages.

A Wonderfully Wipe-Clean Surface

The smooth surface that resin bound driveways provide is wipe-clean, and won’t hold standing water. The naturally-occurring pores within the surface allow water and moisture to drain naturally through it, and into the earth below.

This means that every time it rains, your driveway gets a good clean – and any excess residue of dirt or grime can be simply wiped away!

The natural drainage capabilities of resin bound driveways sit within SUDs (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) standards , and are favoured by planning and local authorities. Resin bound driveways negate any standing water or puddles, and won’t flood the areas around them in the event of heavy rainfall.

The Colour And Finish You Like

The materials within the resin of a resin bound driveway can be selected, mixed and matched to fit the aesthetic requirements of the property owner.

You can stick to neutral tones, match exactly with the external walls of the house, or contrast colours so that it really stands out.

how to make your driveway look better

There’s no space for weeds or other foliage to grow upwards through resin bound driveways so they never look unkempt or scruffy!

Tree Pit Packs Available

Break up the plain colours and textures of a driveway, by installing tree pit packs to introduce some greenery, and line or space out a driveway and/or parking spaces with trees and plants.

The natural drainage of resin bound material allows for a plant’s roots to be covered by it, and still receive the necessary levels of water and nutrients needed to survive and grow. The small area surrounding the tree or plant can match or contrast with the driveway.

Rapid Installation

Resin bound driveways should be installed by experts, and no excavation is required: the resin bound material can be poured directly over an existing driveway surface, providing it is undamaged, even and solid.

Our talented team of resin bound driveway technicians work together to install driveways quickly, and have your new driveway looking better as soon as possible. Existing customers writing reviews on independent website TrustPilot reiterate this, saying:

“Very pleased with my new driveway. I was kept informed about the work. Site manager also said when they would start and finish and this was adhered to. Pleasant work personnel. Standard of workmanship excellent.”

“Nothing was too much trouble for these guys. They finished covering a huge area with resin bonded small gravel in just one day, with four men working flat out in harmony!”

“I had my drive done by Home Logic, it was an excellent job. The workmen were very polite and nothing was too much trouble. I would recommend them to anyone!”

Alongside full accreditation from the BBA (British Board of Agrement), who hold the professional standards for excellence for the construction and home improvement industry in the UK, our team will always do the utmost to ensure they deliver the highest standards of service you deserve.

To make sure a resin bound driveway is right for you, your property and your circumstances, we will carry out a full home survey, and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

Take the first step to transforming your driveway today, by calling 0800 1700 636, or by simply clicking the button below!