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How To Reduce Heat In House During Summer: Top Tricks Of The Trade

how to reduce heat in house

It’s not often us Brits get a long, hot Summer, but when we do, we carpe diem the heck out of it, and usually head straight for the beach!

However, if your property is South-facing, or has significantly smaller windows, it’s easy for your rooms to over-heat to an uncomfortable level quite quickly.

Having a full air conditioning system installed in your home is expensive, and extremely disruptive to life within it – and, after all, it’s normally not needed all year round, and definitely not in all rooms!

There are alternatives to this that are not quite so drastic, but can cool a room without ac, or any additional appliances.

Intrigued? Here’s how to reduce heat in house during Summer the easy way, without resorting to bulk-buying fans…

Insulation Myths Debunked!

When you think of cooling, rather than heating, insulation probably isn’t at the top of your agenda.

However, the newest insulation technology regulates temperature rather than just keeping hot air within, and so can cool a room against warm, outside temperatures just as well as it can retain heat during the long Winter months.

Spray foam insulation is unlike traditional home insulation products. An industrial foam, it is water-blown with specialist equipment, and sprayed onto surfaces where it expands to fill the space around it, to provide a superior seal.

The nature of using a spray foam to insulate, as opposed to a traditional panelling or blanket method, means that a ‘building envelope’ is created, essentially enveloping the environment within.

The expansion of the foam can fill even the most unusually sized or shaped areas, and creates a failproof thermal barrier between the outside world, and the internal space within.

cool a room without ac

Keep Your Cool This Summer With Spray Foam

This thermal barrier ensures that the temperature within is regulated and kept at a consistent, comfortable level, without impact from the weather and temperature outside.

This protects the inside space to keep it warm in cool weather and cool in warm weather, making the property liveable with little energy intervention within.

The lack of need for constant heating and cooling within a property sealed with spray foam insulation means that energy usage levels can be greatly decreased.

Customers who already have spray foam insulation installed within their properties report drastic savings on their household bills as a result, of up to 35%.

These savings are both financial and green, lowering energy usage and helping the property function effectively, without significant energy intervention from additional devices.

Blindingly Brilliant Benefits

Icynene spray foam insulation has many other benefits for homeowners who have it installed within their properties. This includes, but is not limited to: improved air quality, effective sound-proofing and a barrier against pests and insects.

A significant advantage that Icynene spray foam insulation has over air conditioning is that it can improve air quality within a property. Air conditioning units can easily inadvertently distribute pollutants and allergens in the air and whilst cooling, compromise air quality.

This can aggravate and irritate health conditions, and in extreme cases, even cause them. Despite its chemical composition, spray foam contains no toxins or formaldehyde, and will not release any pollutants into the air.

The chemical make-up of the dried foam also means that it won’t break down over time, so won’t become foodstuff for pests who will later affect air quality and hygiene with droppings. Icynene spray foam insulation seals off your property and promotes cleaner, healthier air throughout.

A Truly, Tailor-made Service

You can choose how to have spray foam insulation installed, dependent on your personal requirements, and which areas or rooms you need to keep comfy.

As the UK’s leading insulation providers, we and have teams of fully qualified and BBA-certified specialist technicians, to advise and fit spray foam insulation in your home.

Our talented team of technicians will work to a budget and timeline as agreed with you, and will carry out a free home survey to ensure the product is appropriate, and relevant for your property and individual circumstances. 

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