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Spray Foam Insulation

How to Reduce Heat Inside the House

How to Reduce Heat Inside the House Maintain a Comfy Temperature

As Brits, a lengthy, hot summer isn’t a luxury we can often enjoy, yet when the weather does heat up, social media comes alight with not just paddling pool photos and BBQ invites: but also moans about how hot it is. But what can be done to help?

In this guide, we sort the facts from the fiction in regards to how insulation can keep your home cool, and reveal how it also helps combat several other household conundrums you may have not initially considered, with surprisingly successful results…

Don’t Sweat It: Spray Foam’s Here to Help!

In truth, our homes are often built to deal with the cold rather than the heat, and, consequently, it can easily become stiflingly hot indoors.

Contrary to popular belief, keeping your home at a comfortable, ambient temperature is often down to regulating temperature change, rather than immediately heating or cooling your home.

It tends to be that temperature changes occur too easily in the home, and it’s challenge that needs to be immediately addressed.

Many of us think of insulation as a product to keep homes warm rather than to cool them, but with modern insulation technology, you can keep your home’s internal temperature comfortable, throughout Summer as well.

Now for Some Science!…

Spray foam insulation is an industrial foam that’s sprayed into cavities in walls, floors or ceilings. As a foam, it expands up to 100 times its original size, to completely fill any area, regardless of shape or size.

As a result, a superior seal is formed, immediately regulating the temperature, without the need for additional devices or appliances. This reduces heat indoors when it’s warm outside, and warms the internal space when it’s cooler.

In addition to this, the prevention of air leaks, both from the home to outside, and from the outside into the property, also helps control humidity – so even if it’s particularly dense and humid outside, you shouldn’t experience it when you’re indoors.

This doesn’t just increase overall comfort; it also ensures a healthy home environment as well. It is well recognised that humid, hot environments can easily act as breeding grounds for bacteria. By regulating the internal temperature, you keep bacteria at bay.

How to Reduce Heat Inside the House Maintain a Comfy Temperature

With spray foam insulation, those with allergies or conditions aggravated by airborne pollutants, such as asthma, will notice an improvement in the quality of air within the property, and their health as a consequence.

Spray Foam: More Than Just a One Trick Pony

Over 400,000 properties have been fitted with spray foam insulation worldwide, and not just for temperature regulation.

Modern spray foam insulation has many benefits aside from the maintenance of a healthy, comfortable temperature. A key benefit is that energy usage and bills will be greatly reduced as a result of needing to heat and cool the home less.

Whilst helping to line the pockets of the homeowner more, this ongoing perk also makes your property more attractive to potential buyers, and significantly increase the rating on an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate)

Unlike more traditional insulation solutions such as fibreglass panels, there’s no risk of damp or mould growing on the insulation itself.

Those with allergies or conditions aggravated by airborne pollutants, such as asthma, will notice an improvement in the quality of air within the property, and their health as a consequence.

If your home is an older or less traditional property, you can have spray foam insulation installed without additional admin such as planning permission, but can find the foam actually forms part of your property’s structure: keeping it far more secure.

Home Logic’s specialist technicians can advise you of the potential structural benefits for your home once they’ve inspected your property. Home Logic are Which? Trusted Traders, so you can rest assured that their advice will be relevant and appropriate.

Customer Geoffrey Temple said on his independent TrustPilot review: “All the people we were in contact with at this company were excellent and true to their word”.

Prevent Pests and Promote Peace With Spray Foam

Spray foam insulation won’t just reduce heat within the home; it prevents pests from entering your property as well.  

This again can result in health benefits and cut back on ongoing costs of traps and fumigation.

Those who live in busy or noisy areas have purchased spray foam insulation to act as a sound barrier between their home’s walls, and the environment outside.

Even those who reside in more quieter locations can benefit, as spray foam also radically reduces sound transfer between rooms, offering a practical solution to ensuring a peaceful property all round.

To keep your home comfortable, cleaner and quieter, contact Home Logic for advice, discussion and a free, no-obligation quotation today by calling 0800 1700 636, or, alternatively, by simply clicking the button below!