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Spray Foam Insulation

How to Reduce Heat Loss Through the Floor The Easy Way

how to reduce heat loss through the floor

Whilst we all know to keep windows and doors shut, and ensure our roof is thoroughly insulated, what many homeowners haven’t thought of in the ongoing battle against the onslaught of the elements is losing heat through the floorboards.

Studies show that 10% of the warm air in a house is lost through the ground, so it’s important to know how to reduce heat loss through the floor effectively.

Most flooring has carpet, tiles or boards laid over an empty area known as a ‘crawl space’. It is this empty space that raises your home on its foundations, up from the bare ground below it.

It may not be too deep, but with the ground bearing the brunt of cold air, rain and snow, it’s easy to see how it absorbs a considerable amount of the chill, as well as enabling warm air to leak out from above.

In most cases, this space is often unused, yet it needn’t be this way. Instead, it can be insulated with a chemical (but non-harmful) barrier to block any thermal bridging and prevent any transfer of heat between your property and the ground.

How Does Spray Foam Work?

The nature of the foam is that once mixed with water, it expands up to one hundred times its original size. It is mixed using special equipment, and then immediately either sprayed onto a surface, or injected into one instead.

In the case of insulating a floor, this could be either: spraying under floorboards if they can be raised, or injecting it directly into a cavity. Once the foam has expanded to fill the air around it, it will then dry out and solidify. After 24-hours, the spray foam completely dries and settles.

The expansiveness of the mixture means that spray foam insulation fills any space, and so creates a thermal ‘envelope’ around your floor – a complete seal against the ground, and the chills and moisture that come with it.

Previously, old and outdated methods, such as fibreglass and cellulose, were used to insulate a floor. However, for homeowners today, spray foam insulation offers the most efficient method of blocking a thermal barrier, performing for the life for the building and saving substantial sums on overall bills.

how to reduce heat loss through the floor

Spray foam insulation can even lend structural support to properties, and won’t require any third-party planning permission or administration. Result!

Who Installs It?

Unlike more traditional insulation, this isn’t a bank holiday job to be done with a pair of disposable gloves, and a spare few hours. Icynene spray foam insulation should only be installed by expert technicians.

Check that anyone who offers the service is British Board of Agrement (BBA) accredited, and that Which? lists them as Trusted Traders.

In the UK, we’re the market leading providers of spray foam insulation, and have achieved both of these accreditations, ensuring you receive the top-quality service you deserve.

How Long Does It Last?

Once dried, spray foam insulation is guaranteed to last for at least a period of 25 years. After this time, you won’t experience degradation of the product, but may find a ‘top-up’ spray or injection is required, to boost its effectiveness.

The installation itself may only take a few hours, dependent of course on the size of, and access to, the area to be insulated. If you have existing insulation in your crawl space already, technicians may be able to safely remove this and dispose of it too. We offer this service at an affordable cost, and at the time that’s most convenient for you, saving you time, effort and money on having to purchase equipment, and pay for disposal of insulation that can be tricky to remove.

Which Areas Benefit From Spray Foam?

Put simply, anywhere and everywhere! Spray foam can also be used on, and in, walls, ceilings and roofs. Again, existing insulation products can be safely removed before installation of the spray foam if required.

Of course, every home is different and so it’s best to seek advice and recommendations based on your individual property and the level of comfort you’re looking for.

Spray foam insulation can even lend structural support to properties, and won’t require any third-party planning permission or administration.

Here at Home Logic, our expert team are happy to chat, quote and even come out to see your home for free, and with no obligation to buy. Simply call 0800 1700 636, or click the button below to get the ball rolling today!