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How To Replace Double Glazing: The Essential Guide

how to replace double glazing

When you talk about energy efficient windows, nothing beats double-pane glass windows. On average, their lifespan is 20 years, and with adequate care and maintenance, can extend a decade beyond this.

However, over time, the seal that separates the two panes can break. This will allow air and moisture to enter the middle space, and fog up the glass. As a result, the windows lose their efficiency.

The solution is to replace the double glazing. In other words, remove and replace the glass. The window unit stays in place. The question is, what’s the best way to do it, without damaging the window unit itself. Welcome to replacing double glazing 101…

What Is Double Glazing?

Let’s try and explain what double glazing is before we explain how to replace it. Double glazed windows are made up of two sealed sheets of glass, with an insulating void between them.

The gap can be either a vacuum, or in some more advanced cases, filled with a heavy inert gas. Most companies use argon for this purpose. The combination of two panes of glass and the void in between provide an efficient way of preventing heat loss.

The effectiveness of double glazed windows is high as long as the seal is in place. When the seal goes around one of the panes of the glass, air has a way to enter the void, and replaces the void or the inert gas between the panes.

What Causes Seal Damage?

There is number of reasons why your double glazing seals are damaged. The most common cause is wear and tear, due to ageing.

Continuous damage, especially due to change in temperature, causes fluctuations in the size of the glazed unit. The glazed units expand in warmth, and contract in the cold. Over time, these fluctuations will loosen and damage the seal.

Another cause for the seal damage is abrasive products. We all want to use strong cleaning products to clean our windows. However, these highly abrasive cleaning products will damage the seal. You might be able to see through the windows with absolute clarity, but is it worth it?

Last, but not least, a faulty installation will cause the seal to break. Therefore, make sure you look for a FENSA certified contractor, and one with a solid, industry reputation.

how to replace double glazing

If you want to know how to replace double glazing, the simplest answer is to hire a contractor. Trying to replace double glazing on your own will feel like an uphill battle; hire an expert contractor instead-and achieve outstanding results from the outset!

Double Glazed Windows: Replace Or Repair?

Replacing double glazing is not the only thing you can repair without replacing the windows. Here is a quick summary of work you can hire a contractor to do, without replacing the entire unit:

  • Window seal repair
  • Prevent condensation inside the sealed unit
  • Add lead light designs to existing designs
  • Misted window repairs
  • Repair lead light glass unit

Damaged Windows: How To Spot The Signs

Your windows cannot speak, but they can send you signals and signs. One of the most obvious signs of impaired functionality is fogged windows. Even though your windows are operable, they can develop problems. And you need to replace them. Just try to answer the following questions:

  • Are your windows draughty?
  • Do your windows stick when you try to open them?
  • Do your windows fog up?
  • When they are open, do they refuse to stay open?

If the answer to either of these questions is yes, that is a clear sign your windows need replacement. Think of it as their way of communicating and telling you something is not right.

Replacing Double Glazing: Final Thoughts

If you want to know how to replace double glazing, the simplest answer is to hire a contractor. Trying to replace double glazing on your own will feel like an uphill battle; hire an expert contractor instead.

We have the best contractors, and we’ve made sure that each and every one of our contractors goes through a series of testing, so that he/she can deliver best results.

The process of replacing a double glazing is simple when done by professionals. Do not worry, our contractors won’t break your window unit. They will come, remove the window glass, and replace it with new and energy efficient windows. Sorted!

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