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Spray Foam Insulation

How To Replace Tiles On A Foam Insulated Roof

How To Replace Tiles On A Foam Insulated Roof

While spray foam insulation can help to support and protect your roof, sometimes accidents can happen, and it comes time to replace broken roof tiles.

Experiencing problems with your roof can be very troubling. Damaged tiles can quickly lead to damp and mould infiltration if they aren’t spotted and repaired quickly.

Not only can damp and mould growth occur, but there are many associated dangers with a leaking roof.

Thankfully, even though spray foam insulation forms a strong barrier on the underside of your roofing, how to replace tiles on a foam insulated roof isn’t as difficult as you might imagine.

Replacing Broken Tiles With Spray Foam: An Overview

To replace a broken roof tile, when you have spray foam insulation, you’ll need to remove the segment of insulation. If this isn’t done carefully, then you may put the efficiency of your insulation at risk.

The process of repairing roof tiles with spray foam insulation in your loft can differ slightly, depending on which type of spray foam was applied initially.

Closed-cell spray foam is a lot harder than open-cell spray foam, which can make it slightly more difficult to remove. Open-cell spray foam is much easier to remove, as the structure inside is more similar to a sponge.

Removing spray foam insulation can often be done with a strong wire bush and plenty of pressure. By applying pressure to the spray foam, and scraping it away, you should be able to clear enough room to remove and repair or replace your roof tiles.

In some cases, it may be required to cut the spray foam away, with a saw or other similar tool. For spray foam that is particularly tough, chemical solvents can be used.

This could be in the form of a standard nail polish remover, when removing small amounts of spray foam. For larger areas of spray foam removal, a lacquer thinner can also be used to help remove cured spray foam.

Once the spray foam has been removed, it’s then simply a case of fixing the broken area of roofing. As soon as the roofing is repaired, it’s important to have your spray foam restored to its previous state, so your home doesn’t suffer from a lowered energy efficiency.

How To Replace Tiles On A Foam Insulated Roof

A free roof health check will give you peace of mind about the structural integrity of your roof, and the effectiveness of your current insulation

Foam Insulated Roof Concerns? Ask For Advice From The Experts!

While it’s incredibly important to fix roofing problems as quickly as possible, if you’re not completely sure how adjustments will affect your insulation, it’s worth calling in the experts.

Having a professional survey the damage, and ensure that your insulation is in tip top condition, will give you a peace of mind, both about the structural security of your roof and the effectiveness of your insulation.

Protecting Your Roof With Spray Foam Insulation

There are numerous benefits to the application of spray foam to the internal side of the roof. Primarily, it provides a high-quality thermal insulation, keeping your entire home warmer, including the roof.

Spray foam insulation can also help to lower your energy bills and eliminate draughts in your roof space. When the strong and durable closed-cell spray foam is used, you also get the benefit of a stronger foam insulated roof, with additional structural protection.

However, to better protect your roof, especially in the event of tiles needing to be replaced in a foam insulated roof, it can be of the upmost benefit to have a breathable membrane installed.

A breathable membrane will allow you to gain better access to your roof whenever maintenance is required. This way, repairs to your roof tiles will be much more straightforward, and a lot quicker.

How To Replace Tiles On A Foam Insulated Roof

Want to make your roof even more efficient? Solar panels can easily be added, resulting in refreshingly reduced monthly bills!

Why Joist Insulation May Be Just Up Your Street!

If your worried about having to remove spray foam on your roof, but want the full benefits of spray foam insulation, then joist insulation may be the right alternative for you.

Just like on the rafters, spray foam insulation can be installed in the joists of your loft floor. This ensures that your home stays much warmer, but provides plenty of extra space in your attic, and an ease of maintenance.

Spray Foam Insulation: Far From A One Trick Pony

Whether you’re concerned about roof repairs, or looking for an insulation material that’ll really benefit your home in more ways than one, our team at Home Logic can help.

Experts in spray foam insulation, we’re on hand to help answer any queries you may have about spray foam insulation in your home.

For a warmer, problem free loft space, request your free site survey today by calling 0800 1700 636, or simply clicking the button below!