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How to Stop Conservatory Overheating

how to stop conservatory overheating

The extra living space provided by a conservatory is invaluable, `combining the beauty of the outdoors, with the comfort of your home’s interior.

It’s the warmer, Summer months in which conservatories are intended to be used the most, but for many of us (particularly with south-facing conservatories) it can quickly get uncomfortably warm within them.

In order to enjoy your conservatory, rather than suffering from the onslaught of the sun, you’ll need to know how to stop your conservatory overheating.

The following article provides advice on cooling your conservatory, without the need for additional appliances. Here’s how…

Conservatories: Common Conundrums

Conservatories absorb most of their heat through the roof, as this of course is in direct sunlight for most of the day.

With a glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof, the sun’s rays shine through brightly and quickly heat up the room, leaving you with the job of cooling it down by pumping in some air con or opening your windows and doors.

This then leaves you with a cooler more comfortable conservatory, but with noise from outside coming through and rising household bills from cooling. Surely there’s a better alternative?

A Smarter Solution

Home Logic Conservatory Insulation acts as a lightweight conservatory roof replacement. When you hear the word ‘insulation’, you probably think of keeping things warm rather than cold – but this is simply not the case!

A specialist insulation product designed to protect against extreme temperature variation, Home Logic Conservatory Insulation regulates the temperature of your conservatory, keeping it comfortable, despite the warm weather outside.

This means you’re cool enough to function without getting a sweat on in Summer, and warm enough to do away with blankets in the Winter. You’ll enjoy use of your conservatory 365 days a year!

Endorsed by NASA

This specialist product wasn’t originally designed as insulation at all, but as protection for mechanical and technical equipment subject to extreme variation in temperatures.

Developed by NASA, it’s a multi-foil product that prevents splitting or damage to their equipment by regulating its temperature to a comfortable constant.

Aesthetically, Home Logic Conservatory Insulation looks like tin foil, but there’s more to it than that. Made up of layers including aluminium, Thermo Wadding, vapour control materials and air pockets, it absorbs and holds the air to regulate temperature.

how to stop conservatory overheating

Fitted to the inside of your roof rather than the outside, there’s no requirement for planning permission, or external administration from your local building regulation authority with conservatory roof insulation!

How Does It Work?

The insulation adheres directly to your conservatory roof, but on the inside. It’s then held in place with a Thermal Sealing tape, and covered so that you don’t have to look at foil (unless of course, you have a silver themed interior, and then it can be left visible!)

As Home Logic Conservatory Insulation is fitted to the inside of your roof rather than the outside, there’s no requirement for planning permission, or external administration from your local building regulation authority.

This cuts down on cost and time, as you won’t be waiting on any third party to agree to the work to be done before you can press ahead.

Once installed, the impact on temperature will be instant. This is great for energy efficiency (and indeed your energy bills), but you’ll also benefit from effective sound-proofing, as it the materials trap noise.

A Long-term Solution

Conservatories split opinion with home buyers and estate agents, but having Home Logic Conservatory Insulation solves this issue by improving the energy efficiency of what is normally a particularly inefficient space.

As Home Logic Conservatory Insulation is a specialist product, it must be fitted by a properly accredited and qualified tradesperson.

Our expert team of technicians are British Board of Agreement accredited, so you can be sure your installation will be done on time and budget and to the best of their ability. Simply call 0800 1700 636, or click the button below to get started today!