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How To Stop Damp In Conservatory

how to stop damp in conservatory

Discovering damp in conservatory is never pleasant at the best of times, but if you can discover the cause of it, you’re on your way to sourcing a solution.

In most cases, damp is caused by the outside air cooling, while the air inside the conservatory stays warmer. Because in the UK most people keep connecting doors closed, moisture builds up in conservatories which are not properly insulated.

Thankfully, help is at hand, in the form of a revolutionary insulation product, that’s causing a stir amongst homeowners in the know. Intrigued? All will be revealed in the following article…

Damp In Conservatory: Why Ventilation Is Crucial

While the conservatory itself is not causing damp, it does make it more visible. It is important that there is some type of ventilation, to ensure that the air circulates around the room.

Because your conservatory is built to be air tight against the weather, there may be some ventilation problems which will be the main cause of condensation and damp.

When left untreated, this may cause damage to the room, and to the health of you and your family. The spores in damp and mould are known to cause – and certainly aggravate – respiratory problems, such as asthma.

Damp In Conservatory: How Conservatory Insulation Can Help

If you notice the tell-tale dark spots at the base of the walls, or in corners, then you must take action right away, because damp and mould spread rapidly in the right conditions.

Day to day activities, such as cooking and cleaning, produce moisture. In fact, the very act of breathing will produce half a pint of water an hour! The water that is produced will then saturate the air until the dew point is reached, and vapour becomes moisture again.

You will notice that the coolest surfaces – normally the windows – feel damp or even wet to the touch.

One question you might ask is how to stop damp in conservatory. One way is to insulate the roof.  At LogicFoam, we specialise in conservatories in the UK. Our conservatory roof insulation is made up of a multi-foil blanket, which insulates the roof to provide complete complete vapour control.

Our insulation blanket is made up of layers of wadding, multi-foil, foam, and air to provide insulation. Thermaseal tape is used, to ensure that the roof is completely sealed.

This insulation blanket was originally tested by NASA during the Apollo missions, so it should be no surprise that we at LogicFoam use it in all our roof insulations in the UK.

how to stop damp in conservatory

Window coverings can often make the problem of damp in conservatory worse, by trapping moisture against windows. If you have blinds or curtains in your conservatory, you should make sure that they allow the air to flow

Damp In Conservatory: 5 Top Tips For Getting Rid Of Damp For Good

Ventilation: This prevents condensation from building up, and damp in conservatory from forming. It is one way of how to stop damp in conservatory.  It is important that even with the room heated, there is still some ventilation, so opening a small window is a good idea.

Window coverings can often make the problem of damp in conservatory worse, by trapping moisture against windows. If you have blinds or curtains in your conservatory, you should make sure that they allow the air to flow.

Dehumidifier: This will draw the moisture from the air, and prevent it from forming on windows. They are a good way to keep the conservatory dry in the Winter months, when you may not want a window left open.

Plants: Avoid having too many plants in your conservatory. They may look pretty, but they also produce a great amount of moisture. It is better to move them outside in the cooler months.

Radiators: Good quality conservatory radiators will warm the air, and circulate it around the area. Try to keep the doors open through the cooler months, as this allows for added circulation of air.

Double Glazing: This is an excellent method to deploy to decrease damp in a conservatory. It helps to increase the temperatures of the surfaces inside, and so less moisture is formed.

Drive out damp in your conservatory for good, with the help of LogicFoam! Simply call 0800 1700 636, or click the button below, to get the ball rolling today!

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Whatever your concerns, we’re here and on hand to discuss your conservatory insulation needs in greater detail. Our professionals will advise you on the best methods possible to stop damp in a conservatory for good.