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How To Warm Up A Conservatory: Top Tips And Tricks

How To Warm Up A Conservatory

At one time, conservatories were famous for being cold, damp and uncomfortable places to spend time for most of the year.

While they were lovely rooms to sit in on cool yet sunny days, as soon as the summer came around, the hot sun meant that the heat would soon become unbearable inside, and when winter approached, the problem of how to warm up a conservatory would rear its ugly head.

With poorly glazed windows and a glass roof, most of the heat would be quickly lost, leaving the room ice cold.

It’s no wonder that conservatories have a poor reputation, with many homeowners simply closing the door of their conservatory, and leaving the room untouched for extended periods of time.

However, this is a shocking waste, especially for growing families for whom space is at a premium. Getting the most out of your conservatory may present its own challenges; however it’s no longer impossible, as the following article reveals…

How To Heat A Conservatory: Simple Solutions

The common perception about how to heat a conservatory is to simply install lots of electric heaters and crank up the temperatures as the weather gets colder.

While many people do this it can only really ever be a short term solution, as in the long run it isn’t a practical or affordable option.

While electric heaters are capable of warming the space quickly, they are not energy efficient heaters since their running costs are very high and this leads to unacceptably expensive energy bills – something that most modern families simply cannot afford.

Although several sources such as Real Homes Magazine extol the virtues of underfloor heating systems for conservatories, these are very expensive to install, and may not work well if the room has not already been effectively insulated.

It is also very disruptive to have this kind of system retro-fitted into an existing conservatory, and this is another reason why few people choose this option.

It’s also important to note that neither of these options will make your home more energy efficient, and as cutting the cost of heating bills and being more eco-friendly is more important than ever these days, knowing how to heat a conservatory withoutincreasing our carbon footprint is essential.

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How To Warm Up A Conservatory

Halting Conservatory Heat Loss: Savvy Suggestions

There are several small touches that homeowners can try to make their conservatories feel warmer and more cosy. Home & Build offers a number of suggestions of how to heat a conservatory, although many of them are not sufficient as a solution on their own.

Some of the possibilities include investing in some draught excluders to block the cracks and gaps at the bottom of the door frames, and putting down some carpets or thick, fluffy rugs on hard flooring to help raise the temperatures in the room.

Other possibilities include covering the sofas with throws and furry cushions for additional comfort, as well as replacing thin, voile-type curtains with thicker or thermal drapes, perhaps paired with close-fitting blinds which will help to keep heat inside the room rather than escaping through the glass of the windows.

While these are all viable ways of helping to reduce heat loss, they will not make the room a warm and comfortable place to sit in their own right.

Effective Conservatory Insulation: Take Back Control Of Temperature

The good news is that thanks to today’s modern technology, conservatories can be brought into the 21st century.

With innovations in energy efficient conservatory insulation, it is now possible to enjoy this useful extra room all year round, whatever the weather, helping families to get the most out of their home and to enjoy the extra space that a conservatory affords throughout all four seasons.

Home Logic’s sophisticated multi-foil insulation is perfect for residential conservatories and represents an affordable solution to the problem of how to heat a conservatory.

Even though it uses cutting edge technology – a True Aluminium Foil which is highly reflective to reflect up to 98% of radiant energy in order to control the ambient temperature of the room – it is still surprisingly affordable, bringing a warm and cosy conservatory within every homeowner’s reach.

Home Logic’s conservatory insulation not only helps to control the temperature of your conservatory, it offers a host of other useful benefits too including effective noise insulation, reduced glare from sunlight which protects furnishings from fading in bright light, and effective control of damp and moisture for a healthier living environment for all the family.

Take back control of your conservatory’s temperature, with the help of Home Logic conservatory insulation. Cut back on costs without compromising your comfort today, by calling 0800 1700 636, or by simply clicking the button below!

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