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Icynene Insulation Newcastle

Icynene Insulation Newcastle


Is your property cold? Do you need effective Icynene insulation in Newcastle to protect your home? At Home Logic, we provide eco-friendly insulation solutions to your home using expert spray foam technology. Our technicians will apply the spray foam to the highest calibre to ensure your property, whether it is commercial or domestic, is fully protected.

Our Newcastle Icynene insulation services

Save money on your heating bills with our cost-effective modern Newcastle Icynene insulation services. If your property is not completely insulated you will notice cold spots, rise in energy costs and decreased air quality. When these signs appear, contact Home Logic to install Spray Foam insulation in your Newcastle property. Our services extend to homeowners and commercial buildings alike.


Do you want to keep your home warm? It is important to the protection of your family that you secure an effective insulation feature in your home. Our spray foam technology is applied behind the walls, floors, and ceilings of your home.

As one of our licensed staff sprays the Icynene insulation between your walls and ceilings, it will expand and solidify for an effective protection from weather, pests and cold draughts.  You will be guaranteed that every nook and space in will be covered with expanding spray foam to prevent cold and polluted air from entering your property. Read through the benefits Icynene insulation will bring to homeowners.

Commercial properties

It is essential that in any workplace complies with the standard health and safety regulations set. When you have installed an ineffective insulation solution to your commercial property, you will be putting your employees at risk.

Home Logic’s Icynene insulation will promote a safer work environment. Insulation by Home Logic will block harmful pollutants from affecting the health of your employees and is an economical investment as you save on energy bills.

Our insulation services are an essential contribution to your property. The hardened foam from the insulation supports the structural properties of your building as well as being a form of protection from external forces. Discover more on how an effective spray foam insulation has multiple advantages to commercial properties.

Why choose Home Logic?

We guarantee to provide you with a satisfactory implementation of your home or commercial property insulation. You can rely on our team at Home Logic to provide a superb service with the following:

Contact us

Protect your home with Icynene insulation in Newcastle and call Home logic on 023 8124 7045. Or send your enquiries to info@homelogic.co.uk.