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Icynene - Is my Home Suitable?

Icynene - Is my Home Suitable?

Economical Spray Insulation

There is no better home insulating material that can seal your home from air and moisture intrusion, save on costly utility bills, strengthen your home, and protect your family’s health from dangerous mould, airborne pollutants, and allergens than Icynene. Our spray foam insulation is available for home-owners and if you would like to finout ore information on how our products can benefit home then read here.

New Insulating Material

Icynene spray foam insulation is new on the UK market from Canada. It can be applied in one day (after your free evaluation from one of our surveyors) and provide instant savings on your household bills. This is done by creating an air tight seal in your attic which prevents heat from escaping through any unwanted gaps.

Icynene does not degrade over time, unlike other insulation materials and it discourages pests from settling in your attic.

Does your Home Qualify?

We only sell our product to homes that will truly benefit from our services. You home can qualify for Icynene spray foam insulation if your home is prone to the following issues:

  • High monthly energy bills
  • Pests such as mice or rodents in your loft
  • Cold home
  • Noisy neighbours (Icynene offers soundproofing properties)

Cut out the middle man. Home Logic take care of everything

Home logic manages everything from sales to installation. This means no commission or referral fees paid to third parties. Contact us directly for the best deal

Four advantages of Icynene

Saving Money at Home – By sealing any heat loss areas in your home it will prevent warm air escaping through gaps. This means you can turn your heating off more and save on your bills.

Improve Health – Damp and moisture in the house can cause health problems, by sealing your property with Icynene it can eliminate moisture build up and improve your health and well-being.

Long Lasting  – Our insulation does not break down or deteriorate like other insulates such as fibreglass. We also provide a 25 year guarantee with our products for added peace of mind.

Pest Control  – Icynene spray seals gaps in your home and deters unwanted pests. Traditional insulation methods such as fibreglass provide ideal breeding grounds for rodents.