Icynene Insulation System

From Home Logic. As Featured on Channel 4’s Grand Designs

Icynene spray foam is what Canadians use and trust to keep their homes warm. With Icynene’s outstanding success in Canada it has inevitably made its way across the world, with over 100 dealers and 30 countries representing the product. Icynene is different to other insulations, offering an economically friendly way to create airtight spaces in the home and at an affordable price.

The Icynene insulation system pays for itself on average 3 years, making it a worthwhile investment. As well as reducing energy bills it also offers a host of other benefits including damp proofing, noise reductions and structural support.

Icynene Spray Foam Insulation

How is Icynene Spray Foam Insulation Applied?

The Icynene insulation system is easy to apply, with most residential installations completed within a day. This ensures you can enjoy all the home improving and money saving benefits of the product instantly. Icynene is applied through a 2 part combination of Icynene solution and a catalyst.

After the Icynene foam is applied it sets in approximately 10 seconds, creating an airtight barrier. By expanding up to 100 times its size its airtightness qualities surpass any other form of insulation as it is able to fill and insulate any gaps or crevasses that were not previously accessible. Airtightness is one of the most important factors in home building, and Icynene provides the perfect solution. It is estimated that a 1 millimetre gap in your property can account for up to 10 litres of water infiltration a month.

Icynene is applicable to a number of different surfaces and areas including but not limited to; basements, ceilings, farm houses, attics, crawl spaces, under floors, vehicles, boats, shipping containers, unconventional builds, commercial and industrial properties.


Did you watch us? Channel 4’s Grand Designs

As well as being the only BBA approved pitched roof installers to sell Icynene, we also have an impressive record of over 1500 installs across the UK. Grand Designs asked us to appear on the show as we are the preferred partners on Icynene.

We used Icynene to insulate this spectacular structure, situated nearly 40 foot in the air and hidden in the foliage. This unconventional design is a perfect example of how Icynene can be used to insulate  any kind of design effectively and to high standards. This property actually achieved Passivhaus standards, meaning it met strict criteria set for homes that use minimum carbon emissions. Making your home energy efficient is not only beneficial from a monetary point of view, it is also becoming compulsory, especially in new builds. The UK has a strict target of reducing the carbon commissions of the country by 57% in 2030.

You can watch the full episode of Grand Designs here

Improve your property Value

EPC is a term that is used to deem how energy efficient a home is, with homes being given a rating from A to G. The average rating throughout the country is Band E, meaning the home emits over 6 tonnes of CO2 per year.

One of the key factors into how energy efficient your home is comes down to insulation and a solution such as Icynene can improve your homes EPC dramatically, and in turn improving your homes value.

The Energy Savings Trust recently revealed that buyers will pay up to £10,000 more for a property and 70% of buyers consider energy efficiency as a key motivational factor towards their home purchase. Icynene is the most modern, efficient and evolved insulation on the market making it the perfect choice for improving your home.  The fact it pays for itself in 3 years on average also adds to these benefits.

improve energy efficiency with

Main Benefits of Icynene Spray Foam Insulation

The Canadians preferred choice of spray foam insulation

Icynene is the best insulation material on the market, and it’s not just us who thinks so. Icynene has been approved by a number of globally recognised regulatory boards including the BBA ( for roof, floors and wall insulation), ETA and IAB. With Icynene being the leading product on the market it has come under fire from competitors but this is normally due to the product being misconstrued with similar looking products such as Polyurethane, a closed cell insulation which has been known to cause damage to buildings.

There are a few differences between open and closed cell insulations which must be compared when choosing to insulate your property, Icynene is open celled and most suited to residential properties, this is due to the nature of which it is formulated and the fact it can be worked with once installed (i.e you can cut into the insulation if you are looking to install windows, electrical fixings or other items), something you cannot do with closed cell insulations which are not Icynene.

Another benefit of choosing Icynene as your insulation is that it is 100% water blown and contains no nasty toxins or chemicals, making it even more economically friendly. Harmful emissions found in some spray foam insulations such as HCFCs, HFAs,HFCs, formaldehyde or crucially and PBDES (Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers) are not contained in Icynene and are known to cause a number of health issues. Icynene will also not deteriorate over time meaning that a high level of insulation ill be kept and not decrease in thermal resistance or allow moisture to leak into your property. The product also comes with a life time guarantee and will greatly contribute to achieving a highly rated energy efficient home.

Other Benefits of Icynene Include:


Utility Bills have doubled since 2004, don’t get caught out. Icynene will instantly reduce your energy bills up to 35%


Sick of mold in your home? Icynene will minimise any chance of mold or damp by creating an air barrier to prevent spores arising.


No more overheating or being to cold. With a regulated temperature in your home you can enjoy and more comfortable living experience.


Spray foam insulation can help support the overall structure of your property. This is dependent on the application and thickness of the spray foam on installation.


All spray foam installations are carried out by Icynene licensed installers. After installation you will be sent a BBA Certificate and 25-year warranty on the product for added peace of mind

Why Home Logic?

We are the only BBA approved pitched roof installers licensed to sell Icynene insulation. This makes us the preferred partner for Icynene as your are receiving the highest level of installer as well as product.

With over 35 years combined industry experience, a fully equipped fleet of high performance vehicles, equipments and installers accompanied with a proven track record, how can you not afford to go with us?

We pride ourselves on complete transparency with our service providing a full after-care service with our insulation services. you are also given peace of mind with our 25 year warranty which comes as standard with Icynene Agricultural Spray Foam Insulation.

Call and speak with one of the team on 0800 1700 636 or complete the form on the right to request a free no obligation quotation.


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