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Spray Foam Insulation

Icynene Spray Foam Insulation: A Modern, Multi-Purpose Material

icynene spray foam insulation

Established in 1986, icynene spray foam insulation was originally founded with the aim of creating an innovative spray foam insulation which has low density (Making it breathable).

Icynenes innovation led them to develop a 2 part formula which could be shipped from building site to building site without any hassle. Icynene is truck mounted onto a spray rig which allows workers to pull up and get started with work without any prior measurements etc that you would get when installing with traditional insulation methods such as Polythene or fiberglass.

Once applied Icynene spray rapidly expands to 100 times its volume filling in any crevasse or air leakage spot which would have been previously inaccessible by traditional insulation.

In order to appeal to the correct markets, Icynene has undergone thorough research procedures and extensively studied for insulation and air barrier performance (soundproofing), product stability, and product safety by industry-recognized evaluation services around the world.

After 25 years of product development Icynene has now been installed in over 350,000 homes worldwide...

Installation In Occupied Buildings

Icynene insulation has preventive safety measures to ensure the safety of workers and occupiers of an insulated building. Icynene is economically friendly but during spraying protocol requires occupants to be vacant from the premises, this continues for 24 hours after spray foam application as well.

This is because factors such a spray mist, particles, dust and fumes can arise in a confined space and cause health risks.

icynene spray foam insulation

Also, with regard to residents re-occupying the building after 24 hours, the toxicological review determined that levels would have dissipated such that there would be no indoor air quality change expected to cause effects for occupiers of a premises

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Icynene spray foam has been widely tested for both insulation performance as well as health and safety. The testing shows that both when sprayed on-ratio and even off-ratio settings beyond what might be experienced in the field, the products are safe for workers when recommended personal protective equipment is worn and the 24-hour exclusion period is sufficient for residents.

VOCs have been extensively studied and, in the opinion of third party toxicologists, within 24 hours buildings sprayed with Icynene are safe for re-occupancy.

Icynene has been an industry leader selling to professional contractors and not selling its products through third party distribution or into the do-it-yourself market. Icynene has made it a priority to train all users of its products. A significant portion of Icynene and Spray Foam industry training is a focus on the safe handling of materials.

Proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required including Supply Air Respirators (SAR’s), coveralls, gloves and masks to avoid inhaling vapors and particulates, protect against skin contact with raw materials, as well as providing a measure of safety around high-pressure spray equipment.

While workers can return to the work area in 12 hours provided increased ventilation is maintained when present, Icynene requires its installers to ensure that homeowners and others vacate the premises during installation and for 24 hours afterward, to create a safe environment for the installation of this product.

Safe application in more than 350,000 homes and commercial buildings over 25 years helps substantiate the fact that the Icynene’s approach and Icynene products are safe and durable.

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