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Icynene UK: 5 Reasons To Invest

Icynene UK 5 Reasons To Invest

Practical, economical and easily installed. Icynene has taken the UK by storm with it’s insulating qualities and Home Logic have been leading the revolution. Find out 5 ways Icynene UK can benefit your home below:


Icynene Spray foam makes economic sense to the homeowner – it will provide you with significant annual savings on utility costs including electric bills when compared to other types of insulation. By creating an airtight seal heat will stop escaping from your home and save you money.

An average payback on the install will take around 3 years but you will see reductions instantly on your energy bills. When you think of how long you can be living in your home it is a practical and economical solution to making your living area a more comfortable place to live.


Icynene was first established in 1986, in Canada. Since it’s release Icynene has fast evolved to be one of the most popular spray foam insulations on the renewable energy markets. Over 3 billion boards of Icynene Spray Foam Insulation have been sprayed in nearly 500,000 homes! By choosing Home Logic as your Icynene installer you can be assured the highest level of professional conduct.

All of our Icynene installers are licensed contractors. This means they have had to pass comprehensive training and pass a practical test before being let out on jobs. Once Icynene is installed in your house you will be given peace of mind with our 25 year guarantee. Our latest reviews from customers solidify our commitment to the industry.


Damp can cause health risks to you and your family. You remember biology in school right? Moisture is a prime breeding ground for bacteria. The water found in the damp is full of the prime nutrients that is needed for it to grow. You can fill your cupboards to the brim with antibacterial sprays but mould will keep coming back. This can cause allergies to arise, asthma to be induced and just general illness to appear.

Although this effects everybody in the home, it can especially effect young children and the elderly. Consider what options you have in resolving this matter. Icynene can offer a one step solution with no additional maintenance costs to secure your property.

Icynene UK 5 Reasons To Invest

Here at Home Logic, we are passionate about serving the people of England with low cost, green friendly solutions to help reduce bills and associated issues with homes


Renewable energy is a hot topic when it comes to energy consumption. With the growing population of the country, people living longer into old age and the constant use of fossil fuels people need to start looking at alternative ways hoe to consume energy. Icynene falls under the renewable energy category as it reduces the amount of power your boiler uses.

When you have air leaks in your home, no matter how small it will make your boiler work harder to heat your home as it has to maintain a constant level of heat.

Here at Home Logic, we are passionate about serving the people of England with low cost, green friendly solutions to help reduce bills and associated issues with homes.

Why not see the rest of our website or read more about how our Icynene spray foam can help protect your property from damp and reduce household bills.