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Icynene UK - Isle of Wight Installers

Icynene UK Isle of Wight Installers

Now covering the Isle of Wight

We are now offering insulation options for our customers on the Isle of Wight. Icynene has been proven to be one of the UK’s most efficient and economically friendly insulation materials on the market. It is a fairly new product to the UK, which has arrived from Canada within the last 2 years. Compared to traditional insulation materials such as Polyurethane or fibreglass wool it is it is an obvious winner.

So what are the benefits of Icynene? How can it improve my Isle of Wight property?

There are a number of ways Icynene can benefit your property. We install mainly for home-owners but have covered a range of commercial properties also. Read below to see what kind of home improvement our insulation can make.

How Does Icynene Spray Foam Work?

Icynene spray foam insulation has a wonderful advantage over other insulation methods in that it is easy to install. Our certified Icynene team will spray apply or inject Icynene onto the desired areas which can be one of the following: ceilings crawlspaces, floors and walls. The team will make sure that every nook and cranny in your home is covered in the spray foam material for maximum efficiency and reduced costs.

Once the Icynene material has been sprayed onto the designated surface, it will rapidly expand in size and shape in a very quick fashion. The Icynene will soon harden to form a solid insulation barrier against the cold. The final state of Icynene helps to maintain a consistent temperature in your property and blocks any air infiltration. Heat loss will be a thing of the past with our  spray foam insulation.

Damp in house? We’ve got it covered

Damp can cause serious health issues and structural damage to your property. Once it has settled in it can provide an ideal breeding ground for bacteria to grow, woodworm can also formulate causing damage to the structure of your house.

Icynene spray insulation provides and air tight seal which stops any moisture entering your property. On top of this its unique application can free up space in your home so any areas that were previously damp can be used to store your household items.

Green Deal Approved and Saves you Money on Energy

Ever noticed how some rooms in your house are colder then others? By providing an airtight seal in your house it not only stops cold air getting in but also stops warm air from your heating escape. This means your heating bills can be dramatically reduced (up to 35% but some instances up to 50%). By properly insulating your home you can also improve your energy efficiency which can add value to your home and reduce your carbon footprint.

Pest Control

Wool insulation and damp space provide an ideal nesting ground for rodents such as rats,mice and lice. If having rodents in your home wasn’t a bad enough thought then did you do they can leave waste in all areas of your home? Sometimes this can be hard to find as they can fit in areas not normally accessible by us humans. Icynene Insulation can eliminate any chance of rodents nesting as it doesn’t contain any properties.

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Home Logic UK are licensed Icynene installers, and our team of professionals will be happy to come round and offer a free survey of your property to assess your eligibility to have Icynene installed in your home.

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