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Icynene used at the Boxpark complex in Croydon

The latest developments at Croydon’s trendy Boxpark complex is yet more proof of Icynene’s widespread public appeal. For the initiated, the Boxpark is comprised of a number of brand new shipping containers, which have been repurposed as quirky shopping outlets, providing an eco-friendly take on the traditional mall.

Shipping containers get a new lease of life thanks to Icynene

For the retailers of each individual container, space is at a premium. Working with such confined dimensions could have proven a potential problem, as most forms of insulation are bulky to the extreme. Yet one of the clear benefits of Icynene spray foam is that it is far more compacted, enabling each individual container to maximise the space available.

Icynene ticks all the boxes

Despite the fact that the team considered every kind of insulation available, Icynene was the clear winner from the outset. Originating in Canada, Icynene has continued to attract a more global audience, finally gaining its well-deserved place in the popularity stakes for both private and commercial ventures.

It’s unrivalled thermo-efficiency is no secret; indeed, in the long-term the potentially energy savings can result in as much as a 35% reduction in heating and energy bills. Combine this with Icynene’s impressive longevity (it doesn’t degrade or settle over time like other types of insulation), and it’s clear to see why Icynene was the obvious choice for this exciting, revolutionary project.

Building regulations can be a minefield of contradictions and the fact that they change with such alarming regularity does little to help things.  One of the primary plus points of Icynene is that is continually refined, enabling it to keep abreast of these regulatory changes. As with most things in life, time is money and the fact that this project experienced no delays in completion is testament to Icynene’s quick and easy applicability.

As traditional methods of insulation continue to lag behind, Icynene spray foam insulation is always one step ahead of the game.

Quick and easy to apply

The team had a strict timescale in mind for the proposal, with the architect striving for a turnaround time of just 12 months, from initial design to actual completion. Not an easy task, by any stretch of the imagination. Yet it was a challenge enthusiastically accepted by the team. Initially, they went through a whole series of vigorous tests and exercises to determine which form of insulation would be the best product to use.

It didn’t take long for them to realise that Icynene was the undisputed winner, ticking all the boxes with confidence. The result? The project not only delivered on time, but did so with both style and sustainability, producing something that can be enjoyed for generations today and generations to come.

Home Logic is at the forefront of future developments

Here at Home Logic, we pride ourselves in being at the forefront of these future developments. One of our recent customers, BPMS in Hampshire, used Home Logic as their go-to Icynene installers. They were desperate to protect their precious stock from damp and condensation-something which was an ongoing issue for them. Yet after using Home Logic to install Icynene spray foam insulation, these pressing problems have become a thing of the past, as they reveal in the video below: