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Spray Foam Insulation

Icynene Foam vs. Polyurethane Foam

icynene  vs polyurethane

When it comes to insulating solutions for your home there are two different facilities that stand out above the rest. They include Icynene foam and polyurethane foam. But what’s the difference between the two? And why should you choose Icynene vs polyurethane? Here, we list the individual benefits of the two, and why, if given the choice, you should choose our Icynene spray foam insulation solution.



Some questions you should ask yourself before installing either one of these insulating products to your property are:

How Structurally Secure Is It?

Icynene is a mouldable solution to your home insulation. On application, it will expand and fill every little gap in the roof, floor, and walls of your property. This makes your property airtight and protected from damp/mould. The mould itself will solidify and keep its shape even without the need of netting.

In comparison, polyurethane will sometimes lose its shape and is often know to break up. As a result, if you were to install polyurethane foam on your property, you will require a netting or form to keep it in place.

Is It Eco Friendly?

If you want to establish an eco-friendly solution in your home, then we recommend the Icynene spray foam insulation that we provide at Home Logic. We are driven to finding the latest insulating techniques that support the environment. You can read more on what we are doing on our blog.

While polyurethane foam uses insulating gases such as HCFC and CFC, these gases are more hazardous for the environment. Both are associated as air pollutants and are proven to have a damaging effect on the ozone depletion. They are also not good for people with respiratory problems such as asthma. Our Icynene insulation is non toxic and water sprayed.

spray foam insulation

What Are The Risks?

As briefly mentioned before, the gases within polyurethane foam insulation are specifically injected into the foam to improve its thermal protection. However, while initially these gases are beneficial, over time, these gases will escape. As a result, polyurethane foam will lose its ability to retain heat and prevent cold air from infiltrating your property.

Icynene is a new concept for property insulation and is rapidly taking the commercial and residential sectors by storm in terms of renewable energy. Icynene foam is fire retardant and is long-lasting in its thermal effects.

How Effective is Icynene Spray Foam Insulation?

Icynene foam insulation is proven to establish the following benefits:

  • Comfortable temperature environment
  • Economical investments
  • Healthier atmosphere
  • Reliable insulating barrier
  • Structurally secure

Read more about the benefits of our icynene spray foam insulation and why you should install it above any other home insulation product.

Icynene vs. Polyurethane Insulation: Final Verdict

Icynene comes out on top as Uk’s top insulation as it covers an array of different areas apart from just insulation including:

– Soundproofing Properties-

– Moisture reduction to improve health conditions –

 – Keeping homes cool –

 -Great alternative to air conditioning –

 – Green Deal Approved –

– Can Improve EPC rating


Icynene Vs Polyurethane