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Icynene vs Polyurethane Infographic

With all the different insulates available on the market today, it’s hard to choose what’s best for your home. We at Home Logic have compiled an infographic answering the question we get regularly, "Icynene vs Polyurethane". We hope that the Infographic helps us prove Icynene is a more suitable home insulate then most traditional methods.

Icynene vs Polyurethane

Icynene vs Polyurethane Infographic


Why Choose Home Logic?

Deciding which insulation installation company to choose with the wide choice of the market.

To make your decision that little bit easier, we have listed why you should choose Home Logic below:

  • 35 years plus combined experience
  • Dedicated to improving insulation of your property
  • Free survey to ensure property is suitable
  • Icynene approved installer
  • We operate all over the UK