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Ideas For The Front Of My House: Why First Impressions Matter

ideas for the front of my house

Whether you’re moving into a new build, or looking to just refresh the exterior of your home, there are lots of ways to spruce things up and install home improvement solutions to make things look neater, newer and cleaner.

If you’re frantically googling ‘ low maintenance property exteriors ’ or ‘ ideas for the front of my house ’, look no further: we have the answers, and we’re here to share them in the following article…

Ideas For The Front Of My House: The Importance Of Investing In Your Driveway

Often, the largest and closest surface of a property to passers-by is the driveway – and it’s normally an expanse of grey and cracked tarmac, with the odd weed poking through, and puddles in the corners.

Even if the rest of your home looks immaculate, this dark and drab surface immediately lowers the bright and neat feel. In truth, concrete driveways and crazy paving are easily the most popular options available, but are now drab and dated, and simply just not as functional or long-lasting as newer products.

The newest technology, and most effective driveway surfacing is resin bound gravel. Unlike traditional gravel, it comprises of pieces of stone, marble, recycled glass and other natural aggregate, all of which have been dipped and coated in a clear, translucent resin. Once poured in, the mixture is left to cure and dry.

ideas for front of garden

No Scuffs Or Cracks

The chemical nature of dried and finished resin bound surfaces is that they will not scuff or damage under heavy vehicle usage, or frequent footfall.

Unlike concrete, its texture does not allow it to crack – leaving no opportunities for weeds to grow through any nooks or crannies and no need for costly and inconvenient repair work.

Efficient And Effective Drainage

Resin bound driveway surfaces are naturally porous, and so can drain water effectively, and prevent the risk of localised flooding. This eliminates any standing water on the driveway (no more puddles!), and doesn’t allow the liquid to run off into the surrounding garden.

All resin bound driveways installed by Home Logic are SUDs (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) standards compliant; a certification that encourages sustainable and natural drainage, without the use of piping or water courses to disperse liquid.

It’s also a favoured standard by planning authorities for its sustainability benefits as well.

ideas for front of driveways

Durable, Wipe-Clean Surface

A dried, cured and finished resin bound driveway surface should feel smooth but firm. Resin bound surfaces don’t have any loose stones or sharp edges and so are easily maintained and wipe-clean.

A quick wash will remove any grime, dirt or dust from the surface, and any excess liquid will soak straight through. Essentially, every time it rains, you’ll have a freshly cleaned driveway!

Comprehensive Choice Of Colours And Finishes

The blend of stones and aggregate within the resin can be selected and mixed to meet customer’s preferences on colour, size, texture and finish.

A resin bound driveway can be matched to a front door, to the exterior of a home, or made up of a complementary tone to make your property stand out on your street. If a ‘crazy paving’ bold statement type is desired, this can be made too – every driveway is tailored and bespoke.

ideas for front of house

Installed By Specialist Technicians

Rather than a quick Diy job attempted during a Bank Holiday Weekend, resin bound driveways should be laid by specialist technicians. Our team of driveway installers travel the country to survey homes, and assess their suitability, before an installation appointment is booked in.

This protects both the customer and the tradesperson, and includes the following:

  • Agree timelines and budgets before work begins
  • To explain thoroughly the installation process before work begins, and ensure everyone understands it
  • To remain open and approachable before, during and after the work, to answer any questions, and discuss any updates or developments
  • To leave the property as clean as it was found after the job, and ensure the customer is entirely happy with the work completed before the technicians leave.

We will only install a resin bound driveway if it is entirely suitable for the customer and property, and so will visit you for a free home survey before anything is agreed.

A thorough home assessment and quotation is without charge or obligation to buy, and can be booked at a mutually convenient time.

Revamp the front of your home today, with our resin bound surfacing solution. For more information, or to book your free survey,by calling 0800 1700 636, or  simply click the button below!

Revamp the front of your home today, with our resin bound surfacing solution. For more information, or to book your free survey, simply click the button below!