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Increase Home's Energy Efficiency with Spray Foam Insulation

Would you like to know how to increase your home’s energy efficiency with Home Logic spray foam insulation? Of course you would! Why wouldn’t you want to save money on your energy bills and lower your own personal carbon footprint? Luckily for you, we know everything there is to know about this BBA certified product and have been working with this revolutionary modern invention for some years now. It is one of the most effective and pioneering methods of increasing your home’s energy efficiency available on the market today.

how to improve energy efficiency with spray foam insulation

Rising Energy Bills

Energy bills are on the rise once again and the jump upwards seems to grow bigger each year. It doesn’t really matter which energy provider you choose either, there is very little difference between them all in terms of how much you’ll end up paying by the end of the year. Because of this fact, consumers all across the UK are scrambling to find ways of saving energy whilst keeping their properties nice and warm. There is a way of doing both, despite what you may believe. That way is to install Home Logic spray foam insulation within your roof space.

What is Home Logic Spray Foam?

Home Logic (Home Logic) is a type of spray foam insulation that is ultra-modern and super effective. You will usually find it within roof spaces at joist or rafter level. The material is blown into place using a special piece of equipment that is very similar to a hose pipe. On contact with the area of application, the material begins to expand up to 100 times in size. It then hardens almost instantly to create an all-encompassing blanket of effective insulation material that is safe to use around electrical equipment and plumbing work. Now we know what the product is, let’s find out how to increase your home’s energy efficiency with Home Logic Spray Foam Insulation.

Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency with Spray Foam

So we all understand the pain of rising energy bills and now you know what spray foam insulation is. Now let’s tell you how to increase your home’s energy efficiency with spray foam insulation. This wonderfully effective product offers up to 50% greater energy savings in comparison with home insulation products. In total, we estimate that Home Logic spray foam insulation will save you up to 35% on your heating costs. This is a huge saving and a welcome one too in the current climate of rising energy bills! For this reason, the product completely dominates the market.

Spray foam insulation can be used in a range of properties and its versatility allows an installation team to take care of even the most complex of building shapes and structures. It doesn’t matter how big your property is either! The product does not contain any harmful or toxic ingredients and will not absorb water over time. The material is far too air-tight for that!

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