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Indoor Air Quality Improvement for Homeowners

Indoor Air Quality Improvement for Homeowners spray foam Home Logic


Our team of Home Logic home insulation contractors are trained and equipped to bring a safe, non toxic and one day install solution to combat rising energy costs across the UK. As well as saving on energy costs. How interested are you in providing a safe breathing environment for your home?

Why Choose Home Logic?

  • Home Logic contains 99% Pure Air and non pollutant or hazardous substances. Independently tested per ISO 16000-9
  • Home Logic is recommended by AMICA, the European Association for the Environmental and Chronic Toxic Injury 

Don’t use Polyurethane

It is well know that with other spray foam insulations such as Polyurethane, it can cause health problems. Reports have shown that they can cause respiratory problems, sore throats, congested sinuses and runny eyes.

Having children or elderly people exposed to these types of airborne pollutants can be worrying. Whether you are young, middle aged or old it should be top of your list at home to be living in a safe, breathable environment without fear of health deterioration.

One Independent Report stated:

Keri experienced symptoms herself when she visited the house. “As soon as I went into the house, the smell would be overwhelming and my throat would clog up,” she said. “I would get chest pain on the left side of my chest. That always happened.”

Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

Building that minimize indoor air pollution can help homeowners to improve health, comfort and productivity around the home. Our insulation does not only warm your house in the winter, it also cools your house in the summer.

Home Logic insulation and air barrier products support a homeowners indoor environmental quality  by minimising unhealthy aspects of a building. Home Logic delivers a continuous thermal barrier that can seal around plumbing, vents and electrical openings. It also seals around other cracks and voids that contribute towards unwanted air leakage.

Home Logic combats outdoor air pollution and minimises the entry of airborne irritants such as allergens, drafts or humidity.

Moisture Management

Home Logic insulation delivers an advanced moisture management system by forming an air seal to minimise air movement in indoor spaces. This prevents condensation and damp arising in your property.

Moulds can cause a variety of health problems including:

  • nasal stuffiness throat irritation
  • coughing or wheezing
  • eye irritation
  • skin irritation

If you leave condensation to build up over time, it can cause water to fill up in your loft and seep through to the house causing sometimes unprecedented damage to walls and electrics.

How our Insulation has Helped Homeowners

You can read more here about how our insulation can benefit your home. Or alternatively watch the video from Home Logic we have provided.