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Spray Foam Insulation

Installing Insulation In Garage Walls: All You Need To Know


installing insulation in garage walls

In our ongoing quest as responsible homeowners, to reduce wastages in our everyday lives, such as energy losses, we are often faced with so much information all at once.

This can become seriously overwhelming for anyone who is unfamiliar with terms such as eco-living or energy efficient houses. 

Some of the little tips and tricks to save energy may be straightforward, and for lack of a better term, no-brainers, while others may seem a little more obscure, and definitely up for debate, such as deciding on installing insulation in garage walls.

Will this really help you save energy? Is it worth the hassle? It’s time to find out…

Are You Losing Heat Through Your Garage?

This is perhaps the most prudent question you should ask yourself when deciding on installing insulation in garage walls.

Most people think that because they are used to walking into a cold garage in the mornings that a great deal of heat is lost in this room and consequently the heating bill is being driven up. This isn’t necessarily the case in most homes, as few people have heating in their garages.

There are, however, 2 considerations to be made at the same time:

  1. Your garage is connected to the rest of your house, which means if there is no insulation for the inner and outer walls, or the ceiling, some heat could be lost in this area of the home.
  2. You may be a person who values time spent in the garage, either tinkering with some old appliances, or doing some other hobby, in which case, you may want to keep this space cosy.

Deciding On The Right Garage Insulation

Depending on your reason for installing insulation in garage walls, the right type of insulation may vary.

If you feel that you just want to keep the cold out of the rest of your house you may opt to only insulate the inner walls of the garage, in which case you can choose a product such as spray foam to keep the attached sections of your house warm.

Alternatively, if you enjoy spending time in the garage, you may want to consider insulating the exterior walls of your garage instead, with insulating wall coatings or insulation between wall or brick layers.

This will not only give your house more all-round heating protection, but also creates an enjoyable space where you can carry out your hobbyist activities in peace.

Lastly, you could also be thinking about remodelling your home, and on your to-do list may be converting your garage into a different room, in which case, installing insulation in garage walls makes perfect sense.

installing insulation in garage walls

Give your garage the energy efficient investment it deserves, with the addition of spray foam insulation-and make use of this additional room year round!

Considerations Before Insulating Your Garage

As the garage is a somewhat unique space in the home, there are some special considerations to be made before installing insulation in your garage walls.

Firstly, most households keep all kinds of toxic and flammable liquids in the garage and on occasion may even work with them there. One needs to take into account the flammability of various insulation materials, before deciding on the right one for your garage.

Also important is the fact that we often warm our cars up in the garage on cold mornings, and if there is not sufficient air ventilation, these harmful fumes can build up, or even enter our homes.

Last but not least, for any family with someone who likes to fiddle around with tools in the garage, this can become a noisy area of the home, but insulation can also assist in reducing or eliminating noise coming from this part of the house.

Make Your Home Safer

Perhaps the greatest benefit of installing insulation in garage walls of your house, is that when it is done correctly, it actually makes your home a safer place, by reducing the chances of harmful gasses entering your house, and endangering the health of your loved ones.

This can even be achieved by only insulating one or two surfaces in the garage, which is generally quick and can be very cost friendly as well.

First Consult With Professionals

For many property owners, insulating a garage wall or two may sound like the perfect weekend activity- especially among the would-be home improvement specialists.

However, there are several reasons to trust such a tricky job to the professionals, because of the increased hazards which may be present in your garage it only makes sense to first speak to someone who has the correct qualifications and experience to properly guide you through this process.It may seem like a few pennies more, but you can’t put a price on safety or health.

Give your garage the energy efficient investment it deserves, with the addition of spray foam insulation. Transform your garage today, by calling 0800 1700 636, or by simply clicking the button below!