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Spray Foam Insulation

Installing Spray Foam in Your Home: All You Need To Know

installing spray foam in your home

If you’ve finally taken the plunge and jumped onboard with tens of thousands of other households around the world to have spray foam installed, you’ll no doubt be looking forward to the benefits it will bring to your home.

So if you’re preparing for your spray foam installation in the home, read on for our checklist of things you need to consider before ploughing ahead with this project…

Clear the Area

Depending where you’re having spray foam insulation installed, it may be prudent to clear any valuable or large items out of the room. As an industrial chemical foam, this multi-purpose product can be either sprayed onto a surface, or injected into a wall cavity.

If your spray foam insulation will be injected into a wall cavity, it’s wise to move anything off of the wall in question. This will allow the technicians room to drill the holes required to inject through with plenty of space.

For those who are opting to have the foam sprayed directly onto a ceiling or the interior of a roof, it’s prudent to cover anything in the room below it. It’s really unlikely that any would fail to adhere to the surface, but it’s always best to protect your belongings just in case.

Book a Hotel

You don’t have to, but some people choose to evacuate their property during installation, and for twenty-four hours afterwards.

Whilst spray foam insulation does begin to dry out as soon as its left the specialist equipment, and expanded, it can take up to a full day until it’s entirely dried and effective.

There’s no worry of ‘off-gassing’ with spray foam, as it contains no toxins or formaldehyde. Independent laboratory tests have shown there are no harmful chemicals or gases emitted from spray foam, even before the twenty-four-hour drying period has passed.

Change Your Energy Tariff

Implementing such an effective building seal against the outside world will have a knock-on impact on your energy usage and efficiency.

Negating the constant need for heating and cooling will lower the household bills. In addition to this, switching energy suppliers will also offer ensure you get the very best deal possible, and substantial savings to boot.

Customers who have already had spray foam insulation installed in their home note savings of up to 40% on their bills, so you’re in for a good discount either way!

installing spray foam in your home

As with any investment into your home, it’s best to do your research first – so log onto independent review site TrustPilot and read up on others’ experiences

Chat With Your GP

If you, or anyone living within the property has a medical condition that can be either caused, aggravated or irritated by airborne pollutants or allergens, it’s well worth speaking with your doctor to advise them that spray foam insulation will be installed in your home.

In contrast to traditional materials, such as fibreglass, spray foam does not degrade over time, and does not contain any toxins, so will increase the internal air quality in your home.

Take Your Jumpers To The Charity Shop

With improved insulation keeping your property warmer than before, you can afford to clear out some of your warmer clothes and blankets.

There’ll be no need to wear extra layers through the Summer months, so you can do the good thing and top up your local charity shop instead!

Plan Your New Room

If you’re having Icynene spray foam insulation installed in your attic, you’ll no longer have insulation fitted on your floorboards – it’ll instead by sprayed directly onto your roof, between the rafters. This leaves your floor free of nasty scratchy material and keeps everything below the roof as comfortable as the rest of the house.

This gives you a new living space so it’s time to decide what for – another living room? Bedroom? Office? The choice is all yours!

Get A Second Opinion

Of course, whether or not you go ahead with the installation of spray foam insulation is completely up to you.

As with any investment into your home, it’s best to do your research first – so log onto independent review site TrustPilot and read up on others’ experiences.

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