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Installing Wall Insulation in Existing Walls

installing wall insulation in existing walls

Nowadays, many people are looking to invest in wall insulation for their homes, bringing with it many benefits. This is especially beneficial in the long term where the rewards become evident with increased heat retention and a visible decrease in energy bills.

Generally, there are two main types of wall insulation that can be installed to your home, internal wall insulation in existing walls and external wall insulation on the outside of your property. Installing wall insulation in existing walls is a favoured method in walls that are suitable to be insulated from the inside, offering a reduced cost as opposed to external wall insulation.

How Existing Wall Insulation Works

When considering installing wall insulation in existing walls, there are two key points to look at, the type of wall in your home and the type of material you wish to use.

The majority of homes are either built with solid walls, primarily in older homes where the walls are made from brick, or cavity walls which are designed in two sections with a gap in between that aids in the retention of heat. Both types of wall are treated differently and there are different types of material that can be used for the insulation.

When it comes to filling existing cavity walls with insulating materials, some of the commonly chosen materials are fibreglass, cellulose and foam. In a recent article by Do It Yourself, they examine the different benefits and installation methods of each of the types of insulation material.

When you’re looking at insulation for existing solid walls, since they cannot be filled, the options are slightly different. Primarily dry lining is used to insulate existing walls with insulation boards being fitted on the internal side of the wall to provide an extra layer of insulation beyond that of the brick.

installing wall insulation in existing walls

Along with the benefit of saving potentially hundreds on your heating bills every year, the modernisation of your home also helps to increase your home value!

Save on Bills with Wall Insulation

One of the main reasons why existing wall insulation is invested in by so many people is the savings that it can bring to energy bills. Many old walls are not equipped to provide adequate insulation to houses, providing an environment that is too cold in the winter and often too warm in the summer.

Additional insulation to existing walls provides a new layer to the wall or increases the insulation properties of cavity walls, which helps the heat to stay in during the winter and helps to keep the heat out during the summer.

A new article from the Energy Saving Trust, looks into the potential savings of getting existing wall insulation as well as a further look into solid wall insulation. If you are considering redecorating your home or investing in a new fitted bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom, it can be the ideal time to also look at insulating existing walls in your home.

Along with the benefit of saving potentially hundreds on your heating bills every year, the modernisation of your home also helps to increase your home value.

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