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Insulating A House From The Inside: Is It Worth It?

insulating a house from the inside

Insulation, on the face of it, is an investment that everybody needs, in order to get a helping hand in heatproofing their home, and maintaining a consistent temperature. It is also a regulation that every home must be insulated at least 270mm deep.

However, should you decide that you want to go about insulating a house from the inside, rather than external wall insulation, there’s a few things you should know…

There’s Always a Downside

There are specific disadvantages of proceeding with insulating a room from the inside. First and foremost, you will lose a significant amount of floor space once the job is completed, due to the fact that new materials will have be installed to hold the internal insulation in place.

One of these materials is cladding, used mainly to create a layer to further improve the thermal efficiency.

The job itself is quite messy, and will lead to a series of disruptions within your household. Career enthusiasts will suffer from this the most, due to having to work around the arrival and presence of our team while the job is taking place and depending on the size of the property, this could go on for a while.

We obviously will take as much care of your property as is physically possible but it could also lead to a slight change in interior décor; however, this can be painted over to match the original design.

Insulating A House From The Inside vs Outside

Rather than putting up with the palaver of insulating a room from the inside, why not solve the problem from the other side – literally!

With external wall insulation, you can insulate a room without the need of physically being in that room. Using Home Logic Wall Insulation, you can guarantee that you’ll be forgetting about that thermostat for years to come, and keep the décor intact at the same time.

Minimal disruption is caused during this process, as all we need is a couple of high-tech hoses and the product itself, and we’re away! Simply stand back and watch the foam sink into your brickwork, and within minutes it shall expand up to 100 times the application size, and harden upon impact.

The benefit of this is that every nook and cranny is adequately covered, whereas this might not be possible with internal wall insulation.

The job itself doesn’t take half as long as internal wall insulation, so you can still put your focus towards your work as we do all the work for you! Rest assured when you arrive back from your job that you’ll be able to put your feet up, knowing you’re about to save thousands of pounds on your energy bills.

Benefits of Home Logic Wall Insulation

  • Minimum disruption means there’s no need to change your day-to-day life
  • Quick and easy application – we simply spray away!
  • Toxin and chemical free – completely safe to install and be around
  • Every nook and cranny is sufficiently covered
  • Protection for up to 20 years

These are just some of the benefits that Home Logic Wall Insulation can bring. The flexibility towards this method of application means that you can insulate every square inch of your property, and enjoy the same level of benefits for every room.

Survive the cold weather, and enjoy the somewhat quick Summers in peace, due to the fact that our insulation method creates a protective sound barrier – cutting out the noise of outside and improving the quality of sound within.

It won’t be long till you plan what to do with your new-found savings. Book a well-deserved holiday, purchase some new home improvement accessories, take up a hobby – the possibilities are endless!

We thrive upon improving the quality of living with easy, simple steps such as external wall insulation.

It’s easy to say that insulating a room from the inside isn’t as difficult as it sounds, but after reading this, you must come to the conclusion that insulating from the outside to keep the heat within is best!

insulating a house from the inside

It’s easy to say that insulating a room from the inside isn’t as difficult as it sounds, but after reading this, you must come to the conclusion that insulating from the outside to keep the heat within is best!

Insulating A House From The Inside? Talk To The Experts!

If you’re interested in allowing yourself to focus solely on your career, without the hassle of wasting energy within your home, then give us a call on 0800 1700 636.

Our trusted team of experts are on hand during the normal working hours to answer your queries. Alternatively, if you prefer to drop us an email, you can do so at survey@homelogic.co.uk.