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Spray Foam Insulation

Insulating Floor Over Crawl Space the Easy Way

Insulating Floor Over Crawl Space

Without adequately insulating your crawl space, you will find that all of your hardened heating efforts are eventually lost through the floor.

If your crawl space is not insulated, both heat and cool will be lost. Insulating floor over crawl space will not only help to preserve air quality, but also reduce energy costs.

Crawl spaces are divided into two types, namely ventilated and unventilated. They are insulated differently, although the goal for both is the same – to enclose the space in its own thermal envelope.

One way to insulate the floor over crawl space is by using spray foam. This is a very effective way of insulating a floor over a crawl space.

An easy way to find out if your crawl space needs insulating is if your floors seem cold to the touch.

By installing adequate insulation, you will experience increased comfort, reduced energy bills, and decreased noise. Insulating floor over crawl space is one way to reduce those horrible bills, with the UK having some of the highest bills in Europe, due to poor insulation.

Insulating Floor Over Crawl Space: Why Insulation’s So Importance

There are many ways in which you can save money on your energy bills, and insulating floor over crawl space is one way to do this. You will find that most older homes have crawl spaces.

They are literally small spaces to crawl through. They normally house pipes and conduits, and are seldom, if ever, used as storage as they are too narrow.

  • Accumulation of moisture: Because most crawl spaces are either close to the ground, or only accessible through walls and ceilings, they often accumulate moisture. Never be tempted to store anything of value there, as you may find it has been damaged by the moisture.
  • Watch for mould: The combination of damp and air makes for conditions where mould will thrive. The air then circulates, and carries the mould spores to other areas of the house. This may be one reason for respiratory problems.
  • Pests: Rodents and other pests thrive in these conditions, where spaces are improperly insulated. Anything you store there will more than likely be destroyed. Additionally, rats carry disease, which could harm you and your family.
  • Inferior insulation: When older homes were built, there were no proper insulation standards or techniques. These days, there are rules which must be applied to any insulation, not only to properly seal spaces, but also to keep you and your family safe.

Insulating Floor Over Crawl Space

When properly applied, the foam will insulate the crawl space and seal it sufficiently, stopping both draughts and chills-and creating cosier conditions inside!

What Is Spray Foam Insulation?

The insulation is comprised of two materials, namely polyurethane and isocyanate. When these are combined they produce a foam which spreads and sets to seal a specific area.

Spray foam insulation is applied using a spray gun, which creates a chemical reaction, and makes the chemicals harden and adhere to the surface.

When properly applied, the foam will insulate the crawl space and seal it sufficiently, stopping both draughts and chills.

What Will It Offer Me and My Home?

  • Makes an air-tight seal: Spray foam insulation creates an air-tight seal against air leakage. By making sure there are no gaps to let cold air in, you will save money on your utility bills, and find that your home is noticeably warmer.
  • Barrier against moisture: Spray foam insulation does not absorb any moisture; in fact, it is impermeable to water.
  • No more mould: Spray foam insulation is made from an inert polymer, therefore it does not provide food for mould to grow. Simply because crawl spaces are infrequently used, they accumulate dust and debris. When combined with moisture, this forms a perfect environment for mould to grow. Spray foam insulation removes the perfect environment for growth.
  • Best value method of insulating floor over crawl space: Because of the amazing properties of spray foam, you will find that this is the most cost-effective way to insulate your home. If the spray foam is correctly applied, all the gaps and spaces will be filled, and an air-tight seal made against the elements. Spray foam insulation will provide you with energy savings of around 45% or more – well worth thinking about!

Crawl Space Insulation: Spotlight on Safety

If you plan to insulate the floor over crawl space, then there are some key things you should take into consideration:

  • Take care of moisture problems: This may mean spending some time cleaning and maintaining gutters, extending downpipes, and ensuring that any water flows away from the house.
  • Walls as well as floor: It is no good just insulating the floor; heat is lost through several different areas in the home. Treat your crawl space as you would any other room in the house. You need to insulate every corner of the area to prevent air entering.
  • Insulate those joists: take care when working around these areas, as it is easy to overlook gaps. Watch the rim joists and the perimeters.
  • Seal gaps: If you use waterproof tape to do this, then remember that moisture can weaken the foundations over time.
  • Seal or remove vents: In colder climates, you may be able to remove vents entirely. The vents allow air to circulate, and moisture to enter. You should either seal them, or remove them.

Before you start insulating floor over crawl space, it is always a good idea to consult a professional, to make sure that you are using the best method to insulate.

Our professionals here at Home Logic are always available to discuss the best options with you, and advise you on the best way to insulate floor over crawl space.

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