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Insulating the Outside of a House with Home Logic Wall Insulation

insulating the Outside of a House with Home Logic Wall Insulation

Welcome to another episode of Insulating the Outside of a House, with Home Logic Wall Insulation ! Only kidding – this isn’t a TV show! 

No we’re not famous television stars here at Home Logic, despite the fact we’ve featured on Grand Designs. You won’t find us saving the day on any tea-time action flick, but you will find us saving people hundreds of pounds in almost every city in the UK!

That’s because we’re one of Britain’s most experienced and trusted providers of insulation management services, and we’ve been insulating the outside of a house for what seems like forever!

The method itself is called external wall insulation, sometimes abbreviated to EWI. Applying a coating of insulate material to the exterior of your property can help to combat heat loss and moisture gain, protecting your house for years to come.

Insulating the Outside of a House With Home Logic Wall Insulation

We’ve had years of experience doing this kind of thing, so for us, the job is relatively straight-forward and quick.

We do not require access to the inside of your home, and the job is unobtrusive, enabling you to go about your day to day life, whilst our talented team of experts tackle the task at hand.

We strongly recommend using a skilled team such as ourselves, to obtain the highest level of accuracy.

Doing this job by yourself may compromise your safety and your end result.

Complications in this approach lead to disastrous results too, so we like to keep our process transparent and easy. After your free site survey we must first conduct an inspection of your building.

This will happen at a time to suit you, and with you in attendance at all times.

Together we will highlight any particular issues and problem areas before any work begins. We will then wash and clear the wall of debris, to ensure the best adhesive qualities possible.

Preparation techniques following the cleaning procedure include algae treatment, crack repair, rendering, bagging and masking tape application. A thick layer of primer coat is applied before the eventual protective exterior wall coating. That’s about as complicated as it gets!



The Best Available Product on the Market

We have unwavering faith in our Home Logic Wall Insulation product. Why? Because we’ve witnessed first-hand the unbeatable levels of protection it provides.

This product makes insulating the outside of a house ridiculously easy and straight-forward. What’s more, no planning permission is required beforehand, as the material does not change the colour or shade of your masonry.

It is completely transparent, sinking up to 17mm deep into the brickwork to prevent water-absorption and the build-up of debris.

Rainwater and anything else thrown at your walls by the onslaught of the elements will simply bounce off, and run away.

Heat travels much quicker through wet surfaces, so wet brickwork means less thermal efficiency.

Insulating the outside of a house will ensure it remains dry, and retains its internal heat.

Give us a Call for More Information

Please do not hesitate to give us a call, even if you’d just like some more information, or simply some general advice on your external insulation needs.

You can reach us on 0800 1700 636, where one of our friendly staff members will be more than happy to assist.

If you’d prefer not to call but still want to find out more, send a message to survey@homelogic.co.uk and we’ll be back in touch very soon.