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Spray Foam Insulation

Insulating Victorian House Walls: All You Need To Know

insulating victorian house walls

British houses built in the Victorian era still line the streets throughout the country, thanks to their eye-catching aesthetics, and undeniable historic intrigue.

The Industrial Revolution resulted in millions of houses being built through successive property construction boom periods. These properties can be spotted by their large sash windows, slate roofs, brick or local stone exteriors, and sometimes cellars or basement spaces.

Living in a Victorian house can be amazing, but the structure of them can mean they’re easily affected by the weather; allowing cold air to flow through during cool weather and in some cases, letting moisture pass into the interior of the home.

This means that when insulating Victorian house walls, it’s important to choose a thorough and efficient solution. So what are the choices on offer, and how do they pan out in practice? It’s time to find out…

Insulating Victorian House Walls: The Basics

Spray foam insulation is the premier insulation product for insulating Victorian house walls. A chemical spray that’s water-blown, it forms an industrial foam that adheres to any surface, and swells to fit the space around it.

Twenty-four hours after spray application, it dries, forming a building envelope that successfully seals off the interior of the home from the temperature and moisture of the outside world.

Spray foam insulation can be sprayed onto a surface of any size, shape and type, so works perfectly for Victorian homes that often have some awkward nooks and crannies that can be difficult to reach!

How Insulating Victorian House Walls Saves You Money

Spray foam insulation is the market leading product in colder countries, such as Canada and Norway, and has started to grow in popularity here in the UK as well.

The savings on household energy bills alone means that the financial investment made for the initial installation of spray foam insulation is returned within three years on average.

Existing homeowners with spray foam insulation installed advise of savings up to 40% on their monthly outgoings as a consequence of installing the product.

insulating victorian house walls

It is an urban myth that foam insulation products such as spray foam insulation contain toxins because they are made up of chemicals. There is nothing harmful within the mixture of spray foam insulation, and there is no risk of ‘off-gassing’ from the settled solution!

Insulating Victorian House Walls Stops Damp and Mould

Victorian properties can be easily infiltrated by damp and mould growth, as cold stone walls are porous, and particularly when aged, absorb moisture, which passes through as thermal bridging to the interior.

Having damp removed, and mould treated with fungicide can be expensive and time-consuming; even more so in listed buildings.

When spray foam insulation covers the wet wall, the moisture is unable to penetrate through, and is blocked out completely. This entirely eliminates the risk of damp settling i,n or mould festering, in turn improving the air quality of the home, and cutting back on dust.

The improved internal air quality will be beneficial to anyone within the environment who suffers with conditions aggravated by airborne pollutants as the level of them will be noticeably reduced.

Insulating Victorian House Walls Improves Structural Integrity

Spray foam insulation can be sprayed in different thicknesses and densities to best suit the property within which it is being installed.

If a property has structural insecurities, spray foam insulation may be able to help, by holding beams or structures better in place, and acting as a support; especially between rafters in the roofspace.

How Spray Foam’s Installed In Victorian Homes

Spray foam insulation is sprayed directly onto surfaces, or injected into the cavities of walls or floors. The chemicals are mixed with water in equal parts, using specialist bespoke equipment, and is sprayed on by expert technicians.

We can send technicians out to undertake a home survey for free, and with no obligation to purchase, which is recommended in Victorian properties so that the required product can be properly assessed.

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