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Is External Wall Insulation Any Good?


External wall insulation is the process of applying a certain material or coating to the outside of your walls, with the aim of preventing heat loss and moisture gain. But is external wall insulation any good?

Well, this is like any other product or service within any other industry, it depends on the type of material and provider first and foremost. There are many different options available on the market when it comes to external wall insulation, all of which promote their own features and benefits.

All in all though, this form of insulation is meant to increase thermal efficiency, improve your internal acoustics and reduce your overall energy use.

This can make a significant impact on your carbon footprint and the amount of money you spend on heating bills.

So is external wall insulation any good? Let’s take a look at what it offers the everyday homeowner…

External Wall Insulation – A Wise Investment

Insulating the outside of your property is a wise investment for many reasons. The primary benefit is the amount of heat loss reduced from escaping through your brickwork.

Wet materials transfer heat much more effectively than dry materials – so when your masonry becomes wet, it becomes a much better thermal conductor.

External wall insulation aims to create a water-resistant barrier so that your brickwork does not absorb water from the elements outside.

Dry brickwork leads to less heat loss, and reduced heat loss leads to more savings on your energy bills!


More Advantages of External Wall Insulation

  • Sound insulation qualities and improved acoustics inside
  • Reduce the threat of condensation and mould build-up
  • Provide a more comfortable and energy-efficiency environment
  • Protect your brickwork from the elements
  • Provide a fresh image to your property’s exterior

Cavity Walls vs. Solid Walls

One of the other reasons you may be considering external insulation is if you have solid walls over cavity walls. If your property was built before the 1920s, there is a good chance it is built with solid walls.

If this is the case, the choice is between internal or external insulation, providing a question over which one is better, rather than is external wall insulation any good? Internal insulation takes up floor space within your home and is a much more complicated process in comparison.

In addition to this, you will not obtain the same level of efficiency or performance with the internal approach.

An external coating wraps your building up like a tea-cosy and prevents any moisture from entering the brickwork.

This will minimise cold bridging in your solid wall’s masonry and boost your overall property’s thermal efficiency.

Is External Wall Insulation Any Good?

We started this page by suggesting that external wall insulation is only as good as the materials used, and the service providers themselves.

We’re only able to say this because of the incredible levels of confidence we have in our own trusted insulation management services. We work from the roof right down to your floor, ensuring each and every element of your building’s structure is as energy efficient as it can possibly be.

Our proficient team of specialists have substantial experience in the trade, working within a vast array of different property shapes and sizes.

The revolutionary Home Logic Wall Insulation product is designed to insulate your masonry and create a transparent, water-resistant barrier up to 17mm deep.

The coating is sprayed on, or painted into place, using high-spec equipment, and trained techniques.

The proof is in the performance too – this product can reduce water absorption by more than 95% for over 20 years! 

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