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Is External Wall Insulation Safe?

 External Wall Insulation

There are numerous benefits to external wall insulation, from reducing your energy usage to providing improved sound insulation, and lowering your carbon footprint. There are also several money saving benefits to this form of insulation as well. But is external wall insulation safe?

When it comes to insulation, you want to ensure you are making the best decision for you and your family, while improving the value of your home in the long run.

Maybe you’re concerned that external wall insulation isn’t safe, or that it poses a whole host of problems? If this is the case, then you will want to read further, to gather the information you need on this subject. Let’s begin!

Why Would You Even Consider Wall Insulation?

Your walls are accountable for up to 25% of your heat loss from inside the home, this is why you may find you use higher amounts of energy as you are constantly heating, but the heat isn’t staying inside the home.

This process is when the warm air inside the home naturally moves towards the cold air outside through your brickwork.

As you can imagine, a wall without insulation will struggle with thermal bridging, allowing it to take place. You find this with solid walls. Cavity walls are known for helping to keep some heat inside the home, but you will still need additional insulation, as the cavity wall only offers a 1.5W/m²K, U-Value.

This isn’t impressive when comparing it to insulated walls.

Losing this amount of energy can be costly, as you are constantly heating the home-far from ideal in an era where energy price hikes are par for the course. Older properties are the ones that will suffer the most, this is why it’s recommended to have your home inspected on a regular basis.

This is where external wall insulation comes in. It will prevent moisture gain, while improving the thermal quality within the home. But you are probably still wondering, is external wall insulation safe?

Is External Wall Insulation Safe?

You will be happy to know that Home Logic Wall Insulation is entirely safe!

The product has been tested and certified to penetrate deep into your masonry, creating an invisible barrier that can reduce the risk of water absorption by 95%, and achieving EN ISO25148/2002 for demonstrating hygrothermal performance on concrete, brick, sandstone and mortar.

In addition to this, we have implemented a Factory Production Control System and are ISO 9001/2008 quality management approved. We provide you with complete peace of mind knowing that this insulation is completely safe.

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Benefits of External Wall Insulation

  • Enjoy up to twenty years protection for your brickwork
  • Enjoy positive results, all-year-round
  • Enjoy an effective sound barrier, to provide outstanding internal acoustics
  • Enjoy an improvement to the exterior of your property
  • Enjoy a more comfortable, internal environment
  • Enjoy a quick and easy application, with minimal disruption to your existing routines

What are the Drawbacks?

The main drawback you may experience when it comes to external wall insulation is the price. The initial cost can be expensive when you compare it to the insulation methods used for inside the home.

Compare this to your energy savings on an annual basis, along with any renovation costs you may have had to endure due to damp and moisture, and you will find that in the long run, this method of insulation is actually a surprisingly cost-effective choice.

Planning permission may be required in some cases too, but this is extremely rare. The other problem that could occur relates to ventilation, but this only happens if your vents are left uncovered before the application process.

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External Wall Insulation

How Does Wall Insulation Work?

We’ve answered the question – is external wall insulation safe? So now you want to know how wall insulation will work, when applied to external walls. You will be happy to know that while the chemical composition is complicated, the explanation on how it works is simple.

The insulation is painted or sprayed on the exterior walls of the home.

The good news is that you will notice within minutes that the insulation starts to soak into the masonry. At the same time, the creamy colour starts to disappear, before becoming invisible, protecting your masonry, without compromising external aesthetics.

The insulation then becomes an essential, transparent barrier that covers the outer surface of your home. 

If you’re wondering what is so special about the insulation penetrating your walls for 17mm, then you will be pleased to know that the Home Logic Wall Insulation can fight water absorption by more than 95%.

The best way to explain how it works is for you to imagine your home being wrapped in a jacket that is completely waterproof.

The masonry cream composition will bond chemically with the substrate, and protect it against water, micro-organisms and dirt. It’s a well-known fact that dry walls are better when it comes to thermal insulation than walls that are allowed to get wet. Remember: heat will always travel faster when it moves across a cold surface.

The good news is that while Home Logic Wall Insulation eliminates the risk of water penetration, it also allows the home to breathe.

Introducing Home Logic Wall Insulation

Here at Home Logic, we are passionate about providing you with the best insulation products and services that you can count on when insulating your home. We are one of the most reliable and trusted providers when it comes to insulation management services.

The material we use has been tested and certified to reduce the risk of water absorption, by providing an invisible insulation barrier of up to 17mm. This protective coating is sprayed directly onto the exterior of your walls, using the very latest machinery, ensuring effective and efficient application.

This product has proven results for reducing water absorption by 95%, if not more. It also lasts for over 20 years, which is a great investment in your home, to ensure your family’s comfort on those colder Winter nights.

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Will You Need Planning Permission?

The good news is that in the majority of cases you will not need planning permission to press ahead with this method of insulation. The only time you will have to get permission is when the façade of the property is being changed completely.

However, you may have a problem when it comes to listed buildings, due to stricter regulations for period properties. If you live in a listed building, then we recommend you contact your local authority to identify if you will need planning permission or not.

It’s important that you are aware that there are some specific rules when it comes to Government Building Regulations in general.

If your wall has been insulated by more than 25%, then the entire wall surface will need to be brought up to current standards.

To be honest, if you are thinking of only insulating the exterior walls on a portion of your property where the bedrooms are, then you may as well do the entire property all at once; it will work out far less time-consuming, and more cost effective in the long run.

Keep Completely Safe with Home Logic

Is External Wall Insulation Safe? Absolutely! Especially with the team here at Home Logic! Our team of specialists are on hand right now to provide you with any assistance you need regarding Home Logic Wall Insulation, and your external wall insulation requirements.

Take advantage of our free site survey and our no obligation quoting service to get an idea of where you are losing heat from, and how much you will invest in order to keep your home comfortable for years to come.

Is external wall insulation safe? The answer is yes, and you can keep your home warm this Winter with our high quality, safe and effective Home Logic Wall Insulation. Call our team now on 0800 1700 636 or send us an email to survey@homelogic.co.uk and see how we can assist you today.

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