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Spray Foam Insulation

Is Fibreglass Insulation Good For Soundproofing?

is fibreglass insulation good for soundproofing

The world can often be a noisy place to live in. Cars and trucks on the roads can make a great deal of noise, while the neighbours can also contribute to the number of decibels being generated. In places of work, like your average office space, there can also be a great deal of noise.

This can be problematic when people are trying to think. Persistent noise niggles can lead to sleepless nights, and an inability to concentrate when at work. It could also mean that we have difficulty in relaxing after a hard day.

Some people may wish to insulate their properties to keep in the noise that they produce, and consequently prevent them from irritating their neighbours-or even the other way round!

This leads to the question of which material is best for insulating sound and, by extension, many people will ask – is fiberglass insulation good for soundproofing? Here’s the lowdown on soundproofing materials, and how they promote peaceful conditions within your four walls…

What Makes A Good Sound Insulator?

Most materials will provide at least some level of soundproofing. The more energy a soundwave needs or uses to pass through a material, the smaller the sound on the other side. If the energy of the soundwave is reduced enough, the sound will not be able to pass through at all.

Insulating completely against sound is difficult, though. Some materials can be effective at blocking sound at some wavelengths, whilst others may still enable sound to pass through.

For complete silence, specially made chambers need to be constructed at considerable expense. Around the home and office, however, a reasonable level of sound reduction will do.

When you wish to insulate your home or office from sounds coming from outside, it is important to distinguish between sound blocking and sound absorption. Sound absorption is suitable for production studios, where it is necessary to prevent sound from reverberating around a room.

So, is Fiberglass Insulation Good for Soundproofing?

Is fiberglass insulation good for soundproofing? Pretty much any material will be able to block out sound to a degree. The question is whether or not sound is blocked sufficiently enough for you to be comfortable.

Fiberglass does help to block out some of the sound, but there are some materials that will block it more thoroughly for you if you live in a more busy, urban locale.

If it is effective sound insulation you are looking for, then you should ask around to see what your options are. After all, selecting the insulation with the best sound insulation properties will help you to get a good night’s sleep, so it is worth getting it right the first time!

In today’s hectic, modern age, getting a good night’s sleep is the holy grail of many a homeowner-and one which spray foam can help you achieve with ease. Take the first step to negating noise niggles today, by simply clicking the button below!

is fibreglass insulation good for soundproofing

One main modern alternative proving popular with property owners is spray foam insulation-a good, all-round insulator that will help keep your home warm, and your heating bills down!

Insulation Options: Additional Qualities To Consider

While sound insulation is an important aspect to consider, it is not the only one and, often, not even the most important. Other factors include how good the material is at insulating your home from heat loss, which can make you feel comfortable while also saving on bills.

The cost and ease of installation are also considerations that can have a bearing on your decision, and some can cost considerably more or less than others.

Overall, the intention is to use a material that will help to keep your home insulated from the cold as well as sound, while also being affordable and convenient to you.

Spray Foam: A Thoroughly Modern Material

One very popular alternative to fiberglass insulation is spray foam. One reason for its popularity is its excellent soundproofing qualities.

It has helped countless people keep the noise in their homes and offices to a minimum. In addition to soundproofing, it also makes for an excellent heat insulting material.

This material’s effectiveness rests within the magic of how it is applied. The foam is simply sprayed onto the area of application, where it then expands to fill in any gaps, nooks and crannies. This helps to make sure that there are no points within the installation that will allow sound to get in, or heat to escape!

Spray Foam: An Effective, All-Round Option

While fiberglass is reasonably effective at soundproofing your home and office, there are other, modern alternatives that are well worth considering, so shop around to get the best choice you can. 

One main modern alternative proving popular with property owners is spray foam insulation-a good, all-round insulator that will help keep your home warm, and your heating bills down.

If you’re short of time, and looking to insulate, spray foam can also prove invaluable in this respect. Call 0800 1700 636 or send an email to survey@homelogic.co.uk for more information, or to request your free site survey today.