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Is Icynene Insulation Safe?

Icynene insulation spray foam


Is Icynene insulation safe? Over the years, we have had many customers ask us to reassure them that Icynene is perfectly safe for use. Our Icynene licensed contractors can provide a service that will help to improve your health and best of all, it can help you save up to 50% off your heating costs.

Icynene insulation – is it safe?

At Home Logic, we are the leading specialists for providing South Shields with unbeatable Icynene spray foam insulation. We have provided our non-toxic Icynene insulation to homeowners and commercial property owners up and down the country. Despite this however, many people have either never heard of Icynene or have been misinformed about it.

Fortunately, our experienced company are on hand to answer the most important question about Icynene insulation – is it safe?

Reasons why your home will benefit from Icynene insulation

Noticeable health benefits

The short answer to the above is yes, Icynene insulation is safe. In fact, it is not only safe to use it will also provide benefits that will help improve your health and well-being. Any property that is poorly insulated will allow cold air, damp, and pollutants in. This, as you would expect, can have a detrimental effect on you causing respiratory and skin allergies to flare up.

Icynene is pumped into the open cavity spaces of your property, from there it works by expanding and solidifying upon which point it creates a perfect seal. In its solid state it is completely inert and will help trap in warm air and lockout damp, pollutants, and pests.

Affordable comfort

Affordable comfort does not need to cost you the world. At Home Logic, we understand the frustration of a property that is cold and damp. But is Icynene insulation safe? We have already read about the health benefits, but it can do so much more for you. Any property that has been upgraded with our fantastic spray foam insulation will be completely transformed.

When you hire our company to install your Icynene spray foam insulation, you can say goodbye to the following:

  • Cold spikes
  • Damp clothes
  • Damp patches
  • Mould
  • Musty smells
  • Soaring energy bills and much more

Enjoy comfort again in both your Stockport home and workplace with safe Icynene insulation that will help you save up to 50% on your annual heating costs.

Make your property safe

Traditional insulation is only partially effective at protecting your Oldham property. Over time damp will infiltrate your property seeping into the buildings structure. This can cause untold levels of damage and make your home or workplace hazardous to those occupying it. Our safe Icynene insulation spray foam not only locks out damp it can also help to reinforce the buildings structure ensuring a safer living and working environment.

25 year manufacturer’s warranty

Icynene insulation – is it really safe? At Home Logic, we are so confident that you will be completely satisfied with our spray foam product that we will stake our reputation on it. In the highly unlikely event that you should have any issues you can be assured that every installation comes protected by a full 25 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Why choose Home Logic for safe Icynene insulation?

At Home Logic, as the leading eco-friendly company for Icynene insulation, we have dedicated ourselves to providing safe and innovative solutions for our customers. With 35 years of combined experience, we are no strangers to providing affordable, high-quality installations that are fully compliant with health and safety regulations.

Our company has been fully certified by STROMA and Green Deal to ensure a first-class service that will bring you the very best energy saving solutions. With so many reassurances it’s easy to see that Icynene insulation really is safe for use in your home.

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