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Driveways & Resin Surfacing

Is It Cheaper To Pave Or Concrete A Driveway?

is it cheaper to pave or concrete a driveway

When you are thinking about replacing your driveway or building a new one, the type of surface material, how it will look, how long it will last, and how much it will cost will be your main thoughts.

Many decide to choose between a standard concrete driveway, and a block paved driveway. Both can be an excellent choice, but which is the cheapest overall, and do they compare favourably to other options such as resin bound surfacing?

We have the answers, and we’re here to share them in the following article…

What Is A Concrete Driveway?

As one of the most popular choices for driveways in the UK, we are all used to the typical grey concrete options that many of us choose. But concrete driveways are now becoming more varied, with coloured and printed options giving more variety and bringing the choices up to date.

A concrete driveway is laid in a similar way to other slab type driveways. The sub base is dug out to a depth of around 200mm, and a layer of compacted gravel or stone is added on top of that.

The edges are protected by adding wooden formwork and the concrete is simply poured into place and levelled.

This usually has to be done in no more than 4 metre spans to ensure there is room for expansion without cracking. You cannot drive on your concrete driveway for at least ten days after it is finished, to allow it time to cure completely.

While this is generally a reasonable way to pave your driveway, there are many things that can go wrong, including the following:

● The sub base can be incorrectly laid, and may sink over time. This will cause dips and even cracks in your concrete layer.
● The formwork can be too weak, and the concrete can spread too far, ruining the look, and possibly destroying nearby grass and flower beds.
● The levelling can be inadequate, leading to low spots that can, in turn, lead to standing water, ice and dirt.
● If these issues are repaired, the result can be a patchy and unattractive concrete driveway that is not worth the money spent.

is it cheaper to pave or concrete a driveway

Once complete, the paving stones should be infilled with more sand between the joints. The area can also be vibrated to embed the stones. You can expect this job to take around 5 days to complete, and it can usually be driven over straight away, or as soon as the edging concrete has set

What Is A Block Paved Driveway?

Block paving refers to stone or brick paving stones that are laid out over the driveway either in a uniform pattern, or in more intricate styles involving different colours, curves and edging stones. These driveways can be beautiful, and are a great option for a classic and traditional feel.

The process for laying involves digging out the sub base, and adding a layer of sharp sand. This provides a base for the paving stones, and a layer for water drainage.

It is worth noting that paving stones do not generally have good water permeability, with water only able to escape between the stones. For this reason, you will need to ensure that drainage is added to prevent standing water.

The stones are laid onto the sand in the pattern of your choice. This is labour intensive and must be done by hand. It is faster to choose larger paving stones, but these can be prone to cracks as they do not spread the load of a heavy car in the same way as smaller stones.

It is also important to have edging stones in place; bear in mind these will need to be secured with concrete to help prevent displacements.

aspahlt or pave a driveway

You should always get at least three quotes for the job of having your driveway concreted. The contractor should be experienced, and answer all of your questions about the overall process, and whats involved

How Much Is A Concrete Driveway?

Many people choose to take on a concrete driveway as a D.I.Y job, but it can be tricky to get a good result, so we will focus on the cost of a professional job. The costs will also depend on the type of concrete you have chosen. Imprinted or coloured concrete will normally cost more.

You should always get at least three quotes for the job of having your driveway concreted. The contractor should be experienced, and answer all of your questions about the overall process, and whats involved. The cost of the job should include the following:

● Locating the existing services, pipes and cables, and ensuring access to these is maintained, and they are not damaged during the laying of the driveway.
● The excavation of the driveway to the required depth, and the removal of the material via a skip.
● The installation of drainage where required.
● The compaction of the earth and the stone layers.
● Laying a weed membrane to prevent weeds growing through and destroying the concrete.
● The construction of formwork where required.
● The pouring of the concrete, and the cost of supplying it.
● The application of a colourant to the concrete surface, or a pattern imprint if required.
● Cleaning and sealing of the driveway if needed.

Based on these requirements, the following average costs for this project in the UK are approximately:

Two car driveway – £3,750
Multi car driveway – £9,000

concrete or pave a driveway

Resin bound driveways are perfect for avoiding many of these issues. The stones are bound with the resin prior to it being paid in place making it possible to get a consistent level surface across the entire driveway

How Much Does A Blocked Paved Driveway Cost?

A blocked paved driveway is a specialised job, and requires a skilled and experienced contractor to complete it to the highest of standards. Once again, you should get a variety of quotes and decide based on their experience and the work they have already carried out.

Bear in mind that block paving is very popular, and will enhance the look of your home, improving its value. The quote should include the following:

● The location of all of the services, pipes and cables, and the maintenance of access where needed.
● The installation of drainage (this will be needed in most cases) and a soakaway if required.
● The excavation of the area, and the removal of this material.
● The compaction of the area, and the covering of the soil with a weed membrane.
● The cost and laying of sharp sand to a depth of 150mm in total, with the compacted stones below.
● Cemented edging stones.
● The laying of the paving stones and blocks, and the brushing in of more sand.

The costs of a paving stones driveway is generally more than others as it is more labour intensive:

2 car driveway – £4,800 – £5,600
4 car driveway – £10,500 – £12.500

Is A Resin Bound Driveway Cheaper Than Paving Or Concrete?

While concrete and paved driveways are perfectly acceptable, they do have some drawbacks including a lack of good drainage, susceptibility to water pooling and standing water.

The concrete options can also be prone to cracking, while the paved driveways need a lot of maintenance, and can be hard to keep clean.

This adds to the good looks, but also prevents the driveway from developing issues with water. The surface is perfectly permeable, and no additional drainage is usually required.

Overall, a resin bound driveway will cost approximately £50 per square metre. This makes it one of the more expensive options on the market, but with each driveway lasting in excess of 20 years, it is a great option that will add to the value of your home.

Seeking out an affordable driveway surface that stands the test of time? Resin bound material fits the bill with finesse. Discover more of the brilliant benefits of investing in this multi-purpose option today, by calling 0800 1700 636, or by simply clicking the button below!