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Is Spray Foam Insulation Good or Bad?

Is Spray Foam Insulation Good or Bad

Spray foam insulation is commonly applied to the joists or rafters in roof spaces. It’s designed to stop the property from becoming too cold during Autumn and Winter, and too hot during the Summer.

Once it comes into contact with the designated area, it begins to expand up to 100 times its original size, creating an insulating layer of foam. It sounds great in theory, but is spray foam insulation good or bad in practice? It’s time to find out!

Is Spray Foam Insulation Good or Bad?

We’ll begin with the positives while answering – is spray foam insulation good or bad? Firstly, many experts in insulation will brag about how the use of foam can actually help to strengthen the roof of the home. This is indeed true. The foam expands to up to 100 times its size once it’s applied.

This layer of hard foam material actually works to keep the slates and roof tiles on the roof as well.

The foam increases the insulation of the roof, which provides the additional benefit of protecting your water tank, and preventing pipes from freezing in the Winter. Those are the main benefits to using spray foam insulation in your roof, but here are a few more you may not have initially considered:

  • Reduces Your Energy Bills
  • The hardened foam creates an air tight seal
  • It’s mould resistant
  • The foam creates a barrier to water
  • Insulation foam performs for the life of the building
  • It’s eco friendly

Is There a Bad Side to Spray Foam?

Let’s now consider the flipside of using spray foam. One of the reasons some people are unsure if spray foam insulation is good or bad, is due to the history of the product, as well as the spray foam myths that abound.

Unfortunately, poor application of the foam has resulted in some homes losing ventilation in the house. This is partly down to the excellent moisture barrier qualities of the foam, but it’s only a problem if the foam is applied to the underside of roof slates.

Applying the insulation foam to the underside of the roof removes the ventilation gap. Air is unable to circulate, and moisture is trapped as a result. This is obviously incredibly frustrating, but it can be avoided with the right team of spray foam insulation specialists!

Is Spray Foam Insulation Good or Bad

If You Mind the Gap, You Will Be Fine!

The potential problem above highlights the importance of ensuring there’s an adequate ventilation gap that is located between the tiles of your roof, and the insulation layer that’s applied.

The gap makes it possible for moisture to escape your home, fresh air to continue to circulate, and stale air to leave the property. It’s essential for preventing moisture from settling on the rafters, and consequently causing it to rot.

The cost of replacing a roof is a lot more expensive than insulating your home. When considering whether spray foam insulation is good or bad, you must remember that the installation and techniques deployed are a crucial factor indetermining its overall success long-term.

Can You Install Spray Foam All By Yourself?

Is spray foam insulation good or bad? That really depends on who is applying the foam, and how much experience and expertise they have. When it comes to the integrity of your home, it’s important not to cut corners in a bid to keep costs in check; it really is a false economy.

Spray foam insulation really does need to be installed by the experts with skills, experience and the right techniques to do a good job. Self-installation may result in problems with ventilation, but there are other dangers involved caused by hazardous fumes.

The person installing the foam spray could easily hurt themselves and/or the property. It really isn’t worth taking the risk; get the job done by a professional.

is spray foam insulation good or bad

Trust a Professional Spray Foam Insulation Team

We will ensure the process is completed without errors. Here at LogicFoam, we have over 30 years of experience in insulation management services. We have the skills, the know-how, and the expertise that you can depend on and provide the top-quality service you deserve.

We supply all LogicFoam customers with a BBA Certificate after the installation has been completed. This is in addition to the 25 year warranty that gives you confidence in the product, and permanent peace of mind.

These important documents can be of further benefit when you decide to sell your home, helping you to achieve a higher revalue for your property. 

Is LogicFoam Spray Foam insulation good or bad? Armed with this information, we hope you’ll agree that this multi-purpose product has some distinct advantages over traditional methods.

Spray Foam Insulation Features:

Now, to answer the question is spray foam insulation good or bad, we need to consider the advantages. Read the list below for a brief outline of all the possible benefits you may gain:

Increased Level of Comfort

Once your home has an impenetrable, air tight seal, it will feel a lot more cosy and comfortable during the Winter. The draughts and cold spots will be no more.

The cracks and crevices that were once in the space you have insulated will be well and truly gone. What you’re left with is an even temperature that feels warm and wonderful.

Create a Sound Barrier

The foam insulation hardens on application, and creates a natural barrier to external noise, in addition to a whole host of benefits.
As a result, your interiors become peaceful and comfortable.  We recommend the insulation especially in areas of high noise pollution, such as properties close to busy roads, and in urban locations.

Save Money on Energy Bills

By reducing the amount of heat that escapes the home, you increase the efficiency of your heating, and decrease your reliance on additional appliances to provide an extra boost of warmth.

You need less energy to heat the home, and, therefore, you can save hundreds of pounds on your energy bills, especially during the colder parts of the year.

Protect Against Moisture and Pests

Is spray foam insulation good or bad? Most people are happy by learning that the foam can prevent mould from building up in the home. This benefit is hard to ignore.

Mould and damp can be considerably costly to fix, especially when it’s allowed to continue to damage the structure and interior of your home.

You can even help to prevent pest infestations with the foam, as it’s very hard for animals, such as mice and rats, to gain access to the inner reaches of your home.

Better for Your Health

Carbon monoxide, dust and mould can have exceptionally negative effects on the human body.  Serious health conditions ranging from rashes and asthma, through to bronchitis can all be a result of exposure to these airborne pollutants.

One way to combat these health risks is by improving the air quality of your home environment. With a small investment, it’s possible to seal your home from pollutants such as these, by installing spray foam insulation.

If you’d like to know what some of our customers think about our product and services, watch the video testimonial below:

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