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Spray Foam Insulation

Is Spray Foam Suitable For A Felted Roof?

is spray foam suitable for a felted roof

Roof insulation is one of the best home improvements that you can invest in, offering potential savings of up to £215 every year on your energy costs!

For pitched roofing, the options for insulation are pretty extensive, with many ways that you can go about insulating the loft area. For felted roofing, however, you have to be a little more careful with how you insulate the space.

The good news is that the answer to the question, is spray foam suitable for a felted roof? is a resounding yes.

So without further ado, let’s take a closer look at felt roofing and the use of spray foam insulation

Felt Roofs And Spray Foam: An Overview

Spray foam insulation offers a kind of versatility that many other insulation materials can’t provide. The reasoning behind the flexible nature of spray foam insulation, is all in it’s composition.

Initially, spray foam starts out as a liquid. When it’s professionally applied to a surface, like the roof of a house, it begins to expand and take on the insulation properties.

Spray foam insulation will expand to around 100 x the initial size. When it comes to the specific requirements of insulation for a flat felt roof, this makes it a very effective and suitable product.

Upon application, it’ll expand to form a continuous insulation layer. The insulation will be breathable, but resistant to the escape of warm air.

The thermal efficiency is extensive, making the space warmer and much more comfortable. With spray foam insulation, the benefits don’t take long to start appearing.

is spray foam suitable for a felted roof

Spray foam insulation acts to keep the interior of your home at an ambient temperature, making for far comfier conditions inside

Insulation For A Felt Roof: What Are My Options?

When you choose spray foam insulation for your felt roof, there are two main options that you can choose from: a warm deck and a cold deck.

These must be achieved in the right way to meet the building regulations for thermally resistant roofing.

Just like when you install a pitched roof and have the option of a cold loft or a warm loft, these options are incredibly different.

Let’s take a look at the difference between the two:

Option No.1: Warm Deck Roof

To achieve a warm deck, the insulation material is applied to the top of the roofing, on the rafters or joists of the roof.

Once the insulation is installed, the covering for the roof is placed on top of the insulation. When you opt for a warm deck, you don’t need to worry about adding additional ventilation.

Option No.2: Cold Deck Roof

With a cold deck, the insulation is installed between the rafters in the roof, instead of on top of them. In a cold deck, ventilation and vapour membranes normally need to be added, to guarantee the security of the roof.

Both of the roofing types mean that the insulation material will be safely hidden away underneath the top layer of felt. As the insulation acts to keep the interior of your home warmer and more comfortable, the felt ensures that it stays completely waterproof.

is spray foam suitable for a felted roof

From superior soundproofing properties, to improved thermal efficiency, spray foam truly is a marvellously multi-purpose material!

Benefits Of Spray Foam Roof Insulation

Like with any roofing type, the structural security of the roof is incredibly important. When you install spray foam insulation, you are actually helping to improve the security of the roof.

In many cases, spray insulation is chosen as an alternative to full re-roofing, both to support the roof and to save money on repairs. Spray foam insulation can be installed as a retrofit and to add stabilisation to the flat roof.

Alongside the increase in structural support for the roof, there are a number of other key benefits of choosing spray foam insulation. Primarily, the thermal retention of spray foam, and its high R-value, is the reason why so many homeowners choose spray foam over the alternatives.

Spray foam insulation creates a strong thermal barrier that keeps the heat that you pay for inside your home, instead of allowing it to easily pass through the roof of your property. The protection against heat loss extends to protection against moisture, pests, noise, and air pollution.

Improve Your Roofing’s Resilience With The Help Of Home Logic!

At Home Logic, we provide spray foam solutions for homes up and down the UK. Our spray foam installations range from pitched roof projects, to full loft and floor insulation, depending on the exact requirements of the homeowners.

If you’re considering insulation for your felt roof, then our team are more than happy to help. We’ll make sure the area is properly inspected, and your home gets the right kind of insulation for optimum heat retention, comfort, and moisture control.

Want to learn more about spray foam insulation and how it can help your home? Call our friendly team today on 0800 1700 636, or simply click the button below to get the ball rolling today!