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7 Fantastic Kitchen Upgrades On A Budget

kitchen upgrades on a budget

The kitchen has moved from being a practical place where we cook and serve meals, to the very heart of the home. We cook, we eat and we socialise in this space; therefore, taking the time to improve your kitchen can be a fantastic investment. But what if you are on a budget?

Thankfully, there can be a number of ways to upgrade your kitchen without having to spend a fortune- and many of them are things you can do yourself in next to no time.

It can cost upwards of £10,000 to remove and replace your old kitchen. You need to take into account the costs of the units, the doors, the appliances, the tiling and the flooring as well as the cost of the tradesperson.

It’s an expensive business, which probably explains why people usually only replace their kitchen every decade. In the meantime, however, you can upgrade your kitchen and get it looking smart. Try out some of these ideas for a quick and cheap upgrade that you will love-along with your guests….

Kickass Upgrade No.1: Replace Your Doors

In many kitchens, the doors are the part that detract from the overall aesthetics. They may be old fashioned, dated, dirty or broken. However, the cabinets themselves may be perfectly usable.

The answer to this is not to remove and replace the entire kitchen, but to buy replacement kitchen doors. A simple online search will allow you to find a huge range of replacement doors that you can buy and fit yourself, using the hinges you already have.

Just measure your current doors carefully, and place your order. Most kitchen doors come in standard sizes, so you should find they are easy to order – although many companies offer bespoke doors, custom-made to any size you need.

You can choose from traditional styles, wood, high gloss, glazed and handleless options. The choice is yours, but a contemporary look or a more traditional one is easily within your grasp; and in most instances, can be achieved within a weekend.

You may need to replace your door handles too, but choosing a handleless kitchen door will give you more flexibility and reduce the risk of additional costs.

Fitting these doors is relatively easy as well; all you need is an electric screwdriver. They usually come with the holes for the hinges pre-drilled. So simply remove the old hinges, put them on the new doors, and attach to the cabinets.

Within a few hours, you will have transformed your kitchen at a fraction of the cost of a full replacement.

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kitchen upgrades on a budget

Kickass Upgrade No.2: Lick Of Paint = New Lease Of Life

Almost all kitchen door types (with the exception of high gloss) can be painted to give them a new lease of life. This allows you to create a fresh new look in any colour that you choose, ensuring your kitchen looks as good as new.

It is important that you take the process of painting the kitchen doors seriously to get the very best finish; try to minimise drips by lightly dipping and drying your paintbrush after each stroke, and always ensure you mask up the requisite areas prior to application.

We recommend that you remove the doors from the cabinets, and if they are wood, you should take time to sand them down. The doors should be thoroughly cleaned with a primer applied to ensure the new paint adheres well.

Choose a paint that is designed for use in the kitchen, and for the material you are painting onto; your current surface will determine the best type of paint to use.

Apply with a roller where possible for a smooth finish, although you will need a small brush for detailed doors, and to accommodate the edges-without creating subsequent drips.

Allow to dry fully, and then reattach them to your cabinets. Your kitchen will look clean and fresh-and all for less than £100 which is a relative bargain for home improvements.

Kickass Upgrade No.3: Reinvent Your Tiles

If your kitchen cabinets are still in great shape, but the tiles are chipped or showing signs of disrepair, you have a variety of options for making those tiles look tip top once again. They do depend on your budget, but the results can be remarkable and enhance the existing backdrop.

● Glass splashbacks – Although at the top end of the budget, glass splashbacks provide a flawless and functional option that accommodate the moisture-heavy environment of a kitchen. In terms of application, the process generally involves the removal of the old tiles, the painting of the bare wall, and the fixing of coloured glass to the area. In many cases, you can buy these precut to standard sizes, but you may need to have them cut to fit the required specifications.
● New tiles – If you are good at tiling, you can remove the old tiles, and go for new ones to freshen up the area. New styles of tiles such as textured slate, long running tiles and patterned tiles will give the room a real lift-and add a touch of visual intrigue.
● Paint or vinyl – It is possible to paint over old tiles with specialist paints, or to attach vinyl stickers to change the colour. The second option is perfect for people who rent and want to create a new look, without damaging the tiles at all.

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kitchen upgrades on a budget

Kickass Upgrade No.4: Upgrade Your Lighting

A dark and dingy kitchen is always going to feel unloved and unwelcoming. The simple addition of new lighting can make a huge difference to the way your kitchen looks. One of the best ways to light your kitchen on a budget is to add under counter lights.

These LED fixtures can be bought with batteries; as a result, no wiring is required. Simply screw or stick into place, and switch each one on when needed. You can also have wired lights, but you will need the help of an electrician for this.

Replacing the light fitting in the ceiling can be done as a DIY job, and can really improve how the room feels. Directional lights that can be pointed onto work surfaces and are a great idea or simple downlighters can give the room a modern look.

Cheaper than all of these is the use of a strong, white LED bulb. The light given off may be stark, but this white light mimics daylight, and can freshen up any room – even an unloved kitchen.

Kickass Upgrade No.5: Accessorise Till Your Heart’s Content!

Maybe you don’t need to make a major change to the kitchen itself – but just to a few of the items you store in it. Little tweaks, such as the addition of gleaming stainless steel accessories can make a kitchen seem like new. These can include: coffee machines, toasters and kettles.

Add in stylish hanging pots and pans, and splashes of colour through vibrant tea towels and wall hangings for a fashionable look that detracts from the kitchen itself.

These are perfect ideas for renters who want an upgrade, but are limited in the scope of what they can do, as the landlord won’t offer it! A small kitchen table and beautiful blinds can really complete the look.

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kitchen upgrades on a budget

Kickass Upgrade No.6: Invest In A Statement Worktop

The worktop is the one part of the kitchen that receives the most use. It can easily become stained, scratched and display clear signs of wear and tear before the rest of the kitchen. A replacement, however, can be as little as £200 plus fitting, and can make the kitchen gleam once again.

If you are feeling flush, you can go with a composite stone, granite or corian worktop. These are super modern, and will last forever, making for a very worthwhile investment. A solid wood worktop will provide a rustic, country feel, but is contemporary and sought after as well.

A classic off the shelf worktop is the most simple and cheapest option, but with so many colours and designs to choose from, you will be surprised at the high end look you can achieve in a relatively short space of time.

Kickass Upgrade No.7: Salvage Old Items = Top Talking Point For Your Home

You would be amazed at the bargains you can find online if you want to improve your kitchen on a budget. Ebay, Gumtree and even Freecycle can provide you to plenty of kitchen items that can totally transform the room.

You might be lucky to find someone who is replacing their entire kitchen, new appliances that are far better than the ones you currently own, or you could find cut price tiles, flooring or cupboard doors.

You might need to look around for a while, but if you’re willing to put in the hard work, a new kitchen could be found for just a few hundred pounds.

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