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Spray Foam Insulation

Kiwa Certification Scheme: What It Involves

kiwa certification scheme

You may have heard the name ‘Kiwa’ before in relation to anything from oil boilers and unvented water heaters to speciality foods and origin meat labelling.

Kiwa is a world-leading Testing, Inspection, and Certification service that provides certification services for a range of industries. 

Becoming Kiwa certified is a big step for a business and also an important thing for the business’s existing and future customers!

If you’ve heard of Kiwa certification but have no idea what it means, then keep reading to discover what the certification scheme is, how it applies to home insulation, and how extensive the process is to become Kiwa certified…

What is Kiwa Certification?

Kiwa certification is essentially a guarantee of quality.

When you find a Kiwa certified service, it means that the business has gone through an incredibly rigorous testing or review procedure, typically in order to demonstrate that the quality of their product or service is as good as they say it is.

Kiwa certification can also apply to processes, systems, and people. 

For businesses, obtaining a Kiwa certification tells the world that they’re compliant with regulations, offer a high-quality service, and are trustworthy.

For customers, a Kiwa certification makes it easier to tell whether or not a service or product is going to live up to expectations. 

Kiwa Certification for Cavity Wall Insulation 

The Kiwa cavity wall installer scheme is one of the many certifications that Kiwa provide to prove the quality of a service and product.

This scheme is available for installers of cavity wall insulation in the UK and the Republic of Ireland to voluntarily take part in.

The scheme is designed to optimise many aspects of the process involved in installing cavity wall insulation.

Multiple factors are considered, including thermal performance, durability, risk of condensation, fill adequacy, and the moisture penetration resistance of the insulation. 

All of these factors affect how suitable the end result of cavity wall installation is.

If the insulation installed is lacking moisture protection or durability, then it may quickly succumb to rain or wind-driven rain damage, whilst poor thermal performance or not enough insulation could leave customers will inadequate protection against heat transfer. 

The Assessment and Surveillance Scheme Process 

Spray foam installers hoping to obtain Kiwa cavity wall installer scheme certification must complete the assessment and surveillance scheme process for injected systems. 

The assessment and surveillance scheme is a very rigorous process that involves six important parts. Before progressing with the scheme, the installer must first have System Designer approval, and then:

  • The installer must perform a thorough property survey and complete an in-depth checklist, which will include checks such as property layout, property construction, and damp proof course position.
  • The installer must assess the property’s exposure to wind-driven rain, taking guidance from BRE Report 262, BS 8104, and Building Regulations. 
  • During the survey stage, the installer must perform a borescope investigation to access the current condition of the cavity wall, including the condition of any existing insulation.
  • Once considered suitable for the installation of cavity wall insulation, a surveyor will reference the installation guide created by the System Designer to determine the drilling pattern and the required volume of material.
  • Upon completion of the installation, the installer must then declare that the installation was completed correctly and checked properly. They must then make all documentation accessible to Kiwa.

Kiwa performs extensive checks to determine the competence of the installer, which includes site practice, qualifications, and training. 

The aim of the scheme is to provide customers with an assurance that the correct installation process has been followed and the quality service that they deserve when investing in cavity wall insulation was provided.

Is Home Logic Kiwa Certified?

Yes! Home Logic is the first UK Icynene installer to become a member of the Kiwa Spray Foam Assessment & Surveillance Scheme. This means that Home Logic is an Approved Installer of Spray Foam for Icynene products!

Being a member of Kiwa is just one of the many important certifications and accreditations that Home Logic have obtained to show the quality of our service and dedication to excellence.

Home Logic is also BBA approved, a RECC member, TrustMark registered, and an official Icynene licensed installer!

If you would like to know more about our memberships and certifications, then please get in touch with our team on 0800 1700 636, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.