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Large Double-Glazed Windows Prices

large double glazed windows prices

Double glazing is pretty much everywhere these days – new build homes will come with it as standard, and even many older homes have had it fitted over the years. This is why you see large double glazed windows prices almost everywhere you look!

The benefits – for anyone who can remember the days when Jack Frost etched his mark on the inside of icy cold bedroom windows – are pretty obvious. Here’s a few key pointers to bear in mind before you press ahead with this project…

The Obvious Benefits

Double glazing is simply a form of insulation; windows and doors are amongst the biggest culprits when it comes to heat loss from our homes.

By installing double glazing – or better still triple glazing – you will lose less heat from your home and less cold hard cash when it comes to paying your energy bills.

Are There Any Problems?

The biggest problem when it comes to double glazing is usually the salesman, or woman.  Salespeople tend to get into a creative groove when it comes to double glazing quotes – and many could out-haggle a seasoned Bedouin stall holder down the Souk.

Simply trying to get an answer around the large double glazed windows prices question can be a nightmare!

So on this page, we’ve gathered together a rough guide to what you should expect to pay!

Where to Start – Local or National Firms?

Larger national window companies will tend to be more expensive than local, family-run firms.

If you’re looking for something bespoke, such as wood effect double glazing units, the best advice is to find a local trades-person for the job.

Traditional Wooden Windows

Traditional wooden windows are pretty attractive, and may be the only option in some properties – listed buildings or those in a conservation area for example.

Wood effect double glazed windows will, however, generally set you back more than uPVC.

Modern and Common – uPVC

For most properties, uPVC, which is lower maintenance and potentially longer lasting, will be the most suitable choice.

Either way, many national companies may be more expensive than local contractors. It does, however, pay to shop around!

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large double glazed windows prices

Small and Large Double-Glazed Windows Prices

Casement or sash windows will be your next consideration. The former will come in cheaper, whilst the latter will be more expensive. This choice may be down to taste; sash is more traditional looking but still performs extremely well.

Again the type, style and location of your property will be a factor in this case. Below is a general guide to the sort of prices you should expect to pay for the different types of window.

UPVC Casement Windows

Small (600 x 900) = £260 – £340

Medium (1200 x 1200) = £350 – £420

Large (1200 x 1800) = £500 – £600

UPVC Sash Windows

Small (600 x 900) = £490 – £720

Medium (1200 x 1200) = £580 – £900

Large (1200 x 1800) = £750 – £980

Wooden Windows

Both wooden casement and sash windows vary considerably in price. Largely because they tend to be manufactured by smaller companies or individual joiners/carpenters. You can generally expect to pay up to 50% more if you choose this option.

Large double glazing windows prices will, of course, be a bit more and the cost will depend on the size of your window space. If you’d like a free quote for your window requirements, take a look at our free site survey offer.

Size Matters

The size of property you own will make a big difference in terms of costs when it comes to double glazing units. Clearly a terrace will be cheaper to double-glaze than Balmoral. As a rough guide, the figures below will help to determine the overall cost of double glazing most average homes.

UPVC Casement Windows:

  • Small Terrace Home: £2,100 – £2,480
  • Medium Detached Home: £3,100 – £3,550
  • Large Detached Home: £4,400 – £5,700

Other Factors

The figures above are a good general guide, but windows come with a huge range of additional extras and options. There are other factors that will affect the cost and the most significant of these will be whether your windows are standard sizes or strange and unusual ones!

Bespoke windows for properties with character will, as with most things for this type of property, be more expensive. Smaller, local firms may be the best option in this case, as not all of the nationals will be able to cater to the needs of this type of property.

Here at Home Logic, we’re confident when taking on any challenge, no matter how big or small!

See our Video Gallery of our recent installs: Bespoke Windows Video Gallery

Why Not Up-Size?

In countries with colder climates – particularly Scandinavian ones – triple-glazing is the preferred option. Although more costly than standard double-glazing, it may ultimately be a better choice for UK homes too.

Research from the PassivHaus Institute in Germany has found that the surface temperature next to a modern triple-glazed unit is around 18 C compared to 11 C next to a double-glazed unit.

This is true when the temperature within the room is set at 21 C. Again, this comes down to personal choice, but in order to maximise your home’s energy efficiency – triple-glazing may be the best choice in the longer term!

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